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Enhanced Healthy Schools Award

Riverhead is proud to have the Healthy Schools Award and works hard to promote healthy lifestyles and teach children to make healthy choices in their lives.


Every morning the children are provided with a free snack of fresh fruit which they are encouraged to eat.


For children up to the age of five, free milk is provided and for those who are older it can be purchased and provided in school at break time.  To register parents contact Cool Milk at School www.coolmilk.com.


In addition to this all children are required to bring to school a bottle of fresh water each day.   Free access to this is encouraged in classes to ensure they remain hydrated throughout the day.  


Throughout the school healthy lifestyles are promoted including outdoor pursuits such as gardening and sports.


Walking to school and membership of the Riverhead Walking Buses is promoted.  Parents and carers are actively encouraged to participate in this scheme to promote healthy lifestyles, teach children about their responsibility to create a sustainable environment and to reduce traffic in our community.   More information can be found in the Walk to School Ethos and Travel Plan section of this web site.

Huff and Puff Club

Huff and Puff Club is an integral part of our Enhanced Healthy Schools Award. Each week nine Year 2 children are taught a game by Miss Davidson and Mrs Lawrence and then take the game to the other 261 pupils! The idea being that the game is played with as many new friends as they can by the end of the week. At Friday's Assembly the nominated children receive a certificate and our thanks for teaching us a new game. They are also responsible for putting the toys carefully, quickly and tidily onto the trolley at the end of the school break. We hope all 90 Year 2 will enjoy their extra responsibility. It's a great way of exercising and encouraging new friendships on the playground.





Please click on the link below to see the full feature published by the Kent Community Health NHS Trust.

The Change4Life web site gives families the support and information they need to help children eat well, move more and live longer. That's lots of delicious recipes, handy hints and exercise tips on the www.nhs.uk/change4life.

Handy Hint

Click on the link above and find out how to reduce fat and sugar in your diet by making simple changes.  There's also a brilliant fruit and veg boost 28 day plan and information on the Start4Life Service for Parents.