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Golden Rules and Super Stars

This Term’s Golden Rule is  “WE ARE KIND AND HELPFUL”.


Each term we look at how we help each other around the school. If the children are seen taking part in our “Golden Rule”, which are linked in with our "Home School Agreement", they are given a “Golden Ticket” to put in their classrooms “Golden Box”! Each week during Monday’s Assemblies tickets are pulled out of the year group’s boxes and six lucky pupils have a lovely “Golden Lunch” with a member of staff from the Senior Leadership Team.


Our Golden Rules are:


Be gentle.


Be kind and helpful.




Be honest.


Work hard.


Look after property.


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Picture 1
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Ms Bradley keeps a Golden Book and children who have led their own learning to overcome barriers and have made outstanding progress in lessons or over a period of time are entered into the book. For enthusiastically trying their best they receive a sticker and are applauded by the whole school in the achievement assembly.

Picture 1
Well done to Summer in Butterfly Class for showing our value of "Love of Learning" by writing a superb piece of writing about Emmeline Pankhurst and the Sufferagettes.
Picture 1
Toby from Hedgehog Class tried really hard and showed our school value of love of learning in phonics by writing words with sound buttons.
Picture 1 George showed determination to improve his writing
Picture 1 Ben in Reception found different ways to make a £1
Picture 2 Three very proud Sycamore Girls!
Picture 3 Robert showed wonderful independent working.
Picture 4 Martin showed great determination in his writing.


Each week during our Friday Achievement Assembly, a child from each class is nominated by their teacher to be the “star of the week”. They are presented with certificate and pencil and they are congratulated by the whole school.