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Walk to School Ethos and Travel Plan

Walk to School Ethos  

As part of our ECO Ethos and to reduce traffic levels and pollution, Riverhead Infants' School has a strong Walk to School culture which has developed as the School implemented its first Travel Plan late in 2000 before the school moved to its new location.


In order to gain planning permission for the new school, Riverhead Infants' School had to commit to reduce its school generated traffic by 15% within 5 years. In order to comply with this the school developed a walk to school campaign to encourage all its families to leave the car at home and walk as much as possible.


The most important walk to school initiatives are:


  • Establishing walking buses which collect children from different areas of the village and escort them into school by 8.50 am every morning.


  • Encouraging all families to walk to and from school as much as possible. If the journey is too long then families are encouraged to park in one of the nearby public car parks and walk the remainder of the journey.


In 2005 the school published a new Travel Plan in order to apply for a grant from the Department of Transport. A new travel survey showed that around 80% of children walked all or part of the way to school, to put this in context about 45% of families used to walk to school before the Walk to School Initiative was introduced in 2000.

Travel Plan

In spring 2005 Riverhead Infants' School undertook a thorough investigation of the ways in which families travel and from the new school site. The findings were published in a report called a Travel Plan which was submitted to Kent County Council and the Department of Transport.


On the basis of the Travel Plan, Riverhead Infants' School was awarded a grant worth just over £5,000 which could be used to improve the walk to school for all its families. The most urgent issue identified in the travel plan was congestion at the main school gate. Therefore the school has used the money to improve access to the playground for all families by installing an additional school gate.


Our Travel Plans can be viewed on the link below.


We currently run two walking buses from Tesco and the "hole in the wall".  For more details on the routes please visit our Walking Bus and Parking Facilities section of the web site.