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It is never too early to teach children about e-Safety.   We teach them to cross the road safely, to be safe in the sun, and not to talk to strangers.  We should ensure we teach them how to stay safe online.


e-Safety is about teaching children how to use the Internet safely, not about restricting their use. A program of study is followed throughout the year which includes resources from the Think U Know website. This is supported by Hector the friendly dolphin who has been installed on each of the computer.


Please take time to look at these resources and discuss them with your child.

For further advice visit the CEOP website, or explore some of the other links below.


During our recent e-Safety Awareness Day, we learnt about staying safe on-line.  All children participated in learning activities focusing on how to stay safe on the Internet. We teach Internet Safety every term building upon previous learning to give an ever increasing understanding of the importance of staying safe.


Our children are privileged to have access to the technology which enables them to learn and to communicate with others around the world. They need to learn the skills of keeping their personal information safe, and strategies to cope when images or information which worries them, or is inappropriate, appears.


In school we have an effective firewall and strict security measures. Using the Internet to learn and to research is part of the opportunities we offer to all children. On all PCs we have ‘Hector the Friendly Dolphin’ which children are introduced to from Reception and are aware that the dolphin is there to keep us safe when using the computers in school.


For our e-Safety day today we have focussed on staying safe when using the computer and going on the internet. The children have participated in various activities, including making posters in order to stay safe and writing rules for using the internet and not giving out personal information about themselves or their family members. The children have also had an e-Safety assembly reminding them to ask an adult before using the internet on computers, tablets and phones.


If you would like more information on staying safe on the internet please visit this site www.saferinternetday.org.uk where you can find lots of information on supporting children to stay safe.


The Internet is a wonderful resource, but has its’ dangers and it is for us all to equip our children with the skills to keep themselves safe. Later in the year we intend to provide an e-Safety information evening which I hope you will attend.


As Safeguarding is a priority at Riverhead Infants' School, we would like to share the information and advice below which has been sent from Kent County Council.