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Parents in Partnership with the School

Parent and Family Support

Parents, Grandparents and Carers play a vital part in our school joining us for educational visits and supporting learning activities, such as sewing, library and gardening.


To help us enhance our cultural curriculum they often join us to share the customs and heritage of the diverse range of countries from which so many originate.


There are many ways to support school life at Riverhead Infants:



  • Prepare fruit for break time.
  • Enter returned books onto the Library database.
  • Take part in Craze of the Week.
  • Extra help on Educational trips.
  • Helping in class or in school clubs.
  • Craft events e.g. help with sewing, large projects.
  • Story reading.
  • Collect vouchers.
  • Contribute to our recycling centre e.g. stamps, batteries etc.



  • Complete set homework.
  • Read regularly and listen to reading.
  • Attend all meetings.
  • Supply correct uniform.
  • Be punctual, even early to allow children to de-stress.
  • Offer a good diet to children.
  • Communicate with teachers.
  • Support child with their targets.



  • Volunteer for events that benefit the school and your child.
  • Bake for fundraising events.
  • Maintenance of school i.e. planting flowers, picking up rubbish etc.
  • Offer expertise i.e. journalism, computer skills, accountancy, fundraising, art and crafts etc.



  • Help children and parents to integrate and respect each other.
  • Invitations to play or to tea to help children make new friends and to socialise.
  • Hold coffee mornings and attend social events so parents feel supported. 

Consulting with Parents

We invite a group of parents to attend regular meetings to discuss a number of subjects.  Minutes of these meetings are available in the School Office.  Please see below a list of meetings and topics.


20th January 2016 - Homework.

30th January 2014 - Healthy School Status.

8th May 2013 - Behaviour Policy.

31st January 2013 - The Web Site.

28th November 2012 - Educational Visits.

15th March 2011 - Homework Policy.

18th January 2011 - Communication with Parents.

9th February 2010 - The Creative Curriculum.


Report to Parents and Consultations

Opportunities are provided in the Autumn, Spring and Summer for you to have a private appointment with your child’s Teacher to discuss aspects of their education.   These take place late afternoon and early evening to enable working parents to attend.  Additionally two or three other occasions take place for you to come into school with your child to view their work.  If you have any concerns connected with your child’s education you are asked to make an appointment to see your child’s Teacher at a mutually convenient time.


At the end of the school year, you will receive a written report on your child’s attainment and progress during the past year. In Reception this includes information about the Early Years Foundation Stage points they have achieved and in Years 1 and 2 the level of attainment achieved in the National Curriculum Core subjects of English and Mathematics and Science.


As required, we provide you each year with the summary of the Year 2 results to confirm the levels of attainment at the end of Key stage 1.  This can be found in the "Governors'" Section of this web site under "Statutory Requirements".