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Meet the Governors

Chair - Mrs Claire Terry

Vice Chair - Ms Tiina Mutru

Head Teacher - Ms Sandra Bradley

Co-Opted Governors

Mrs Claire Terry  - (Meetings Attended 2015/16 - 6/6)

Ms Tiina Mutru - (Meetings Attended 2015/16 - 6/6)

Mrs Claire Davison - (Meetings Attended 2015/16 - 6/6)

Mrs Helene Bligh - (Meetings Attended 2015/16 - 6/6)

Mrs Sue Manning - (Meetings Attended 2015/16 - 4/6)

Mr Karl Fuhrmann


Local Authority Governor

Mr Noel Dawes - (Meetings Attended - 2015/16 - 6/6)


Elected Staff Governor

Mrs Juliette Ryan - (Meetings Attended - 2015/16 - 4/6)


Elected Parent Governors

Mrs Kelly McLisky - (Meetings Attended - 2015/16 - 6/6)

Mrs Helen Fricker - (Meetings Attended - 2015/16 - 6/6)



Headteacher, Amherst Junior School - Mr Andrew Reid


During the 2014/15 academic year, Mrs Jane Gillhouley (2/2), Rev. Neil Durling (6/6) , Mr Jamie Trillow (5/6)  and Ms Wenda Adriaanse (4/6) were also Governors.


During the 2015/2016 academic year, Mr Russell Walters  (6/6) , Mrs Philippa Henderson (6/6) and Mr Barry Cushway (4/6)  were also Governors.


Clerk to the Governors  - Mrs Helen Barber


The Governing Body is led by the Chair, elected by the Governing Body from within its membership. The role of Chair is set for a one year period.


The Chair is supported in her work by a Vice Chair, who is delegated certain tasks and responsibilities. The role of Vice Chair is  also set for a one year period.


The Governing Body may choose to appoint Governors to take on other additional specific roles. Currently, these are as follows:-


Mr Noel Dawes - Premises

Mrs Claire Davison - Finance

Mrs Kelly McLisky - Special Educational Needs

Mrs Helen Fricker  - Staffing and Pay


To see the Governors' Terms of Appointment and Register of Interest, please click on the link below.

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Claire Terry (Co-Opted Governor)


I became a Governor in March 2015.  I am a Mother of two children, one already at Riverhead and another starting later the same year.


Helping to set a strategy for buildings and to appreciate the diversity of the governor responsibilities were my initial reasons for joining, however having seen the breadth of experience the children are exposed to, I am amazed by the continual drive to improve the school, and I hope to have positive impact on the governing body.


I am an Engineer and Physicist by training, and a Safety professional and Auditor by experience - mostly in the oil industry, but also for buildings and projects.  I am a member of the Buildings and Premises Committee and have a keen interest in data and monitoring.

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Tiina Mutru (Co-Opted Governor)


I joined the Governing Body in spring 2015 and was elected Vice Chair in November 2016. My background is in Public Health Nutrition and I have worked for different organisations across Europe in the field of food and nutrition. At the moment my time is dedicated to my two boys, one at Riverhead and one at Amherst.


When my eldest started at Riverhead I was overwhelmed how different the English education system was to that of my home country Finland. I was worried that at four he was far too young to start! He had a very happy time at Riverhead and so I was more relaxed second time round. During the past years I have become more and more interested in my children's education and hence decided to join the Governing Body. Becoming a Governor has been hugely rewarding and has made me realize how much work and dedication is required, by the staff and the Governing Body, to run the school.

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Helen Fricker (Parent Governor)


I became a Governor in October 2015 when my eldest son was in Year Two.  He is now at Amherst (Year Three) along with my daughter (Year Six) and my youngest son starts at Riverhead later this year.  I have always been impressed with the excellent standard of teaching, leadership and fantastic facilities at Riverhead and as a member of the Governing Body I now appreciate how much goes into making this an outstanding school.  I want to help ensure the school continues to provide our children with an excellent start to their education.


I am a MCIPD qualified HR professional with ten years’ experience in Human Resources, specialising in HR management and recruitment.  Having recently taken a career break it seemed the perfect opportunity to become more involved with the school.


I am the Training Governor and Chair of the Staffing and Pay Committee.

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Claire Davison (Co-Opted Governor)


I became a Parent Governor in November 2012 and a Co-opted Governor in October 2013. Both my children attended Riverhead and my daughter is now in Year 5 at Amherst.  Having helped at various Riverhead PTA events over the years, I decided that I would like to be involved with the school from a different perspective.


I trained as a Chartered Accountant but am not working at the minute so being a governor has been a great opportunity both to use existing skills and to learn new ones. I am really enjoying the breadth and variety of involvement with the school that being a governor entails.  I have always felt that the staff at Riverhead do an amazing job and it is great to be able to make a contribution to such an outstanding school.


I am Chair of the Finance Committee and a member of the Premises and Pay and Staffing Committees.

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Noel Dawes (Local Authority Governor)


I was approached to become an LA School Governor upon my retirement. My daughter attended Amherst School and was also a teacher there. She encouraged me to take the role telling me how important it was to support the Headteacher and staff.


I was delighted that it was to be Riverhead Infants School as it is local. The School was still on the old site and the prospect of shortly moving to the new site was exciting as I had watched it being built. I volunteered to go on the Premises Committee, thinking there would be little to do at the new school. How wrong I was. My 42 years experience in the construction industry has proved to be useful as the new school has evolved.


I now chair the Premises Committee and am a member of the Finance and Pay and Staffing committees.

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Kelly McLisky (Parent Governor)


I became a Parent Governor in December 2013 just after my eldest daughter started school and, as a mum of three, I will have a child at the school until 2022.


I believe that Riverhead is a very special school; giving children a positive start to their educational journey. I have been impressed by the school's values, the commitment of the teachers and the wonderful facilities. I wanted to be a Governor to give something back to the community and help shape the school's future.


Before taking a career break, I was a commercial accountant for 12 years in both the public and private sector. I have responsibilities for Safeguarding and Special Educational Needs.

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Claire Von Den Driesch (Co-Opted Governor)


I became a Co-opted Governor in January 2017. I did not have a particulr connection to the school but was keen to be a Governor at a local school (I live in Sevenoaks) where I could contribute to the local community. I was warmly welcomed in to the school community and have been impressed by the teaching, facilities, and opportunities available to the children. The commitment to the school shown by all staff is excellent, and I am looking forward to working with the Governors to ensure that the school maintains its excellent reputation.


I am currently training to be a Chartered Accountant with the Civil Service, but previously worked in Secondary Education for 5 years. I have a particular interest in Special Educational Needs but I hope to contribute widely to the governance of the school, using my existing skills and developing new ones.

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Karl Fuhrmann (Co-Opted Governor)


I have recently moved to Sevenoaks from Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire, and wanted to use what I have learnt in my career so far to help out within the local community. Becoming a governor seemed like an obvious choice, and since my appointment in May I have really enjoyed learning about how the school is run, and how I can have a positive impact on the strategy of Riverhead over the next few years. My first impression of the staff and children has been excellent, and there is clearly a desire from everyone to maintain an outstanding learning environment.


I have spent the majority of my working life in financial services procurement, and been involved in driving buying strategies across a variety of different categories, from IT to professional services. I hope that this will stand me in good stead as a governor, and that in turn I will be able to take away knowledge and skills that I can use elsewhere.


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Helene Bligh (Co-Opted Governor)


I have taught at Riverhead for more than 20 years having joined the staff in 1993. During this time I have worked in all three year groups, had responsibility for a range of subjects including maths and ICT and managed to have 3 boys of my own! As the deputy headteacher and inclusion manager I have responsibility for developing the spirit and practice of inclusion throughout the school and I am proud of our inclusive ethos and our shared commitment to ensuring that our school community values and respects diversity.


I have seen many changes during my time at Riverhead but one constant has been a continual drive to school improvement supported by a committed staff, supportive parents, a tireless PTA and an effective governing body which I am pleased to be able to contribute to.

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Sue Manning (Co-Opted Governor)


I started working at Riverhead in 1998, when the younger of my two children joined the school, after 16 years of working as a Cartographer for Geographers A-Z Maps. During this time I worked mainly with the Early Year classes as a Teaching Assistant, helping them settle into the routine of school and encouraging them in their educational skills, watching them develop and move onto Amherst.


Whilst my own children were at Riverhead, I spent many happy hours helping out on the PTA especially with the catering!


I am now a Non Teaching Governor and want to get involved helping and supporting the team to maintain the high standards achieved by our amazing children on their learning journeys.