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Artsmark Award

Artsmark can help unlock the potential of children and young people, help to develop character and talent, and increase their knowledge and understanding.  That's why Artsmark was created: to bring ambition to life in every classroom.


We are delighted that we have been accepted onto the programme to further develop our creative curriculum.  The awarded will help us to continue to deliver a high quality arts and cultural education.


Introduction to our Ongoing Ceramic Project

In March 2020 before lockdown, the children began an inspiring project with the ceramicist Deborah Tompsett.

The vision of the project was to create ceramic art as the focal point for a new well- being area in a dull area near the ancient oak tree. This idea has become all more the relevant following the impact of COVID on the school community.

Deborah made some beautiful initial sketches to develop ideas with the children and staff.

Term Four - 2021-2022

In geography the Year One children learnt about the United Kingdom, marking its countries, capital cities and surrounding seas on their own 3D maps which they created from salt dough.

Year One Lonely Beast

During their art lessons the Year One children made camouflaged collage pictures inspired by the Lonely Beast story, by blending a coloured background.

Term Three - 2021-2022

As part of their Superhereo topic, the Year Two children research masks in their DT lessons. They found out the purposes behind wearing masks such as dressing up, ceremonial festivals and of course Superhereos! The investigated different materials and craft, before designing and making their own masks.

During their art lesson the Year One children explored mark making using drawing pencils to represent textures. They applied this new skill to draw their own teddy bears as part of their "Let's Play" topic.

The Reception children went crazy as they helped Callum build all kinds of manic machines after reading the story "Callum's Incredible Construction Kit"! They used descriptive words to design and label a machine to rescue some frozen Lego. They also constructed some whacky 3D buildings just like the one in the story.

Term Two 2021-2022

This term Year One learnt about colour. Theystarted by looking at the paintings of the artist Mondrian and the way he used primary colours. The children then created their own versions of his paintings.

Christmas Decorations

As well as cards and calendars, the children made some beautiful ceramic Christmas decorations to take home for their parents to hang on the Christmas tree.  We also decorated our tree at St. Mary's Church with some angelic angels!


Term One - 2021-2022

The KS1 children read the book "The Secret Sky Garden". The story is about a little girl Funni who transforms a disused rubbish filled car park into a into a beautiful vibrant garden. She meets a friend called Zoo and they decide to make some warrior and shield kites to fly in their garden. Taking inspiration from the book, the children designed, made and flew their own wonderful kites. They also designed a garden for the school so that we can transform an unused area in the school into a wonderful wellbeing garden as part of our Artsmark project.


The children have also become Eco Warriors like Funni and Zoo and have created their own posters explaining the importance of looking after our environment.

Year Two Make Kente Cloth

As part of their "Africa topic" The children used their weaving skills to make paper Kente cloth designs. The cloth originates from Ghana and some of the Iroko ladies wore it on their visit.

Year One Food, Glorious Food Topic

As part of this term's "Food Glorious Food" topic, the Year One children researched the artist Arcimboldo. They made collages of their own faces using fruit and vegetables. 

They also created their Superhero Vegetables using googly eyes, masks and capes just like the Supertato story. We had some wonderful characters such as Courageous Carrot and Outrageous Onion.


Mindfulness Drawing

Year One were completely engaged with their mindfulness drawing. Using their imaginations they drew their own design in their tranquil classrooms. It was so quiet that some of the other teachers didn't realise the Year One children were still in school!

Saturn Class Mindfulness Drawing.

Still image for this video

Reception Go to Space!

The Reception children read the book Beegu, an alien character who visits earth.  They designed and made a vehicle that they could travel in through space. They thought about what it would look like, what they needed to take with them and where they could travel to. We had some amazing rockets and spacecrafts. Well done everyone!