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Artsmark Award

Artsmark can help unlock the potential of children and young people, help to develop character and talent, and increase their knowledge and understanding.  That's why Artsmark was created: to bring ambition to life in every classroom.


We are delighted that we have been accepted onto the programme to further develop our creative curriculum.  The awarded will help us to continue to deliver a high quality arts and cultural education.


Introduction to our Ongoing Ceramic Project

In March 2020 before lockdown, the children began an inspiring project with the ceramicist Deborah Tompsett.

The vision of the project was to create ceramic art as the focal point for a new well- being area in a dull area near the ancient oak tree. This idea has become all more the relevant following the impact of COVID on the school community.

Deborah made some beautiful initial sketches to develop ideas with the children and staff.

Term Six

In their art lessons, the Year Two children researched the landscape artist Bridget Riley who was famous for Opt-Art style. They focused on her colour work and the landscapes she drew from her time in Cornwall.

The Year One planted their own beans and have created castles on top of poles for them to climb up after reading the book "Jim and the Beanstalk".

The Year One children studied the historical figure Grace Darling. They wrote about her life as a lighthouse keeper's daughter and the "Great Storm", and ordered the events of her life in a time line. In design and technology, they used mechanisms including sliders, wheels and pivots for simple levers incorporating these into their own designs to make a moving picture for a scene to tell her story.

As part of their "Around the World" topic, the Reception explored elements of African art especially colours, patterns and weaving.

Term Five

During their geography lessons, the Year One children learnt about the four countries of the U.K. They made salt dough maps, pinpointing capital cities with flags and the location of seas and oceans which surround them.

During their art lessons the children made collage pictures by blending different colours to display their beast pictures.


In Year Two's design and technology lessons, the children designed, created and evaluated a moving model of a mini beast as part of their "Extraordinary Environments - Local and Global" topic. They incorporated pneumatics to make the mini beasts move.

The Reception children learnt about the life cycle of tadpoles and frogs. They got very creative and made some wonderful frogs and tadpoles and also made lolly stick insects.


Term Four

The Reception children's topic was "Wonderful Water" and they started it by reading "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed the Sea".  They created giant seabeds, exploring texture and adding different natural materials for fish to live and hide in.

After reading the story "The Fish Who Could Wish", they weaved with willow! They used wet strength tissue paper to make their own fish and decorated them independently to add to their giant seabeds.

It was all about silhouette art for the Year One children. Everyone drew a side profile of their face and then filled them in by drawing their favourite, most meaningful things. It gave their peers a real insight to each others hobbies etc. and they all played a guessing game to try and work out which silhouette belonged to which friend.

Term Three

The children really enjoy their D.T. topics and we have had some lovely home learning projects. Reception read the story of Callum's Incredible Construction and made their own crazy houses just like the story. In Year One the children learnt how to weave and made paper weavings. In Year Two the children made their 3D masks for their Superhero characters. They painted a mask shape and embellished it using materials such as pipe cleaners and feathers. 

Term Two

Year Two were inspired by Iznik pottery from Turkey to make celebration plates.  They designed their own patterns and used traditional colours to decorate and paint them.

The Reception children were busy making some fabulous Eco decorations for our Christmas tree which was displayed on the St. Mary's Church web site as part of their Christmas Tree Festival. There are lolly stick triangles, prickly pine cones and beautiful beads!

Term One

In Term One KS studied the artist Hundertwasser.  They created some wonderful artwork in the style of Hundertwasser, thinking carefully about line and colour.

Year One children made their own "three little pig" characters in their D&T lessons as part of their nursery rhymes topic.  They also read the book "Supertato" and designed and built traps with junk modelling to catch the villian of the book - the Evil Pea! 

They also became detectives and searched the school grounds for evidence of Autumn.  They collected leaves and natural material to make some wonderful ethereal art.