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Artsmark Award

Artsmark can help unlock the potential of children and young people, help to develop character and talent, and increase their knowledge and understanding.  That's why Artsmark was created: to bring ambition to life in every classroom.


We are delighted that we have been accepted onto the programme to further develop our creative curriculum.  The awarded will help us to continue to deliver a high quality arts and cultural education.


Our Ceramic Project

In March 2020 before lockdown, the children began an inspiring project with the ceramicist Deborah Tompsett.

The vision of the project was to create ceramic art as the focal point for a new well- being area in a dull area near the ancient oak tree. This idea has become all more the relevant following the impact of COVID on the school community.

Deborah made some beautiful initial sketches to develop ideas with the children and staff.

Riverhead Art Competition

It was wonderful to see all the hard work and enjoyment that went it your children's masterpieces for our Art Competition. With so many original ideas and different mediums used it was very difficult to choose the winners.

However, we congratulated the following children:-

Hayley, Hester, Arthur and Amy from Falcon

Sofia and Ollie from Kestrel

Mikkel from Hawthorn

Henry C and George C from Elder

Samuel and Sienna from Bramble

Rose from Hedgehog

George B from Rabbit

Term Six

Year Two Study Georgia O'Keeffe

During their art lessons, the children researched the artist Georgia O'Keeffe. They learnt about tertiary colours, mixing one part of a primary colour with half part of another primary. Using this information they complimented and contrasted colours to create some stunning artwork.

Year One Moving Cards

In their DT lessons, the Year One children continued their transport theme by creating a moving picture of Grace Darling using different paper mechanisms.

Reception's Empty Pots

The children made their own coil pot and wrote instructions for their friends to follow as our focus book was "The Empty Pot". The story about a boy who loves flowers but is unable to grow one in the emperor's contest. It show's how Ping's seeming failure is turned around into a tale of honesty rewarded

Dancing for Umoyo

Neptune organised a fantastic fundraising event to support the Umoyo Charity. With the help of Mrs Gibbins and Mrs Browning they taught the whole school an African Dance! The Dance was started by a group of people during lockdown and has become a worldwide phenomenon. We were joined by Sarah from the Charity who wore her traditional cloth to take part! 

Term Five

Year Two Ferris Wheel Designs

In D&T they discussed and designed the appropriate materials to use to build a Ferris wheel.   Following their detailed designs, the children constructed their Ferris wheels using lolly sticks, cardboard, skewers, egg boxes and yoghurt cartons. The brief was that the wheel had to rotate and have pods for passengers, which they all successfully achieved.

Year Two Search for Strange Creatures!

The children were asked to investigate something strange and unusual which had been spotted in the woodlands! After their investigations they decided to write to the local community describing their findings and asking them to keep a look out for strange creature! They also drew pictures of what they thought the creature might look like! 

Year One look at Aerial Views

During their geography lessons the children looked at aerial views. They learnt how to draw a map of an aerial plan adding basic symbols as a key.

The Green Man

During their art lessons the children researched the origins of "The Green Man". Firstly, they studied and considered proportion and facial features.  They then learnt techniques of how to roll and pinch clay, and also, how to make marks in the clay.    They used these skills to create their own artistic versions of a 3D Green Man.

Reception visit to Wakehurst

The Reception children visited Wakehurst and collected twigs, leaves, tree bark and petals to decorate their own crowns and wands just like the Garden Fairy's.   They also made ephemeral art sculptures.

Term Four

Year One Studies Henri Rousseau

During their art lessons they have been learning about the different techniques of collage. Using Henri Rousseau as they inspiration, they have been studying household plants and practising their line drawing.

Year One Science Topic

The children continued their science topic by researching omnivores, recording facts they learnt to create their own. In their computing lessons they added details of herbivores to their e-leaflet template on Purple Mash, and used their new skills to drag pictures onto the template, resizing them and changing the fonts to make them unique.

Wonderful Water in Reception

The Reception topic for Term Four was Wonderful Water.  They focused on some brilliant books such as, "The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch" and "The Fish that Could Wish".

They practised their weaving skills on their lighthouses and built simple circuits to light them up and wrote their own shopping lists just like the Lighthouse Keeper.

Thinking about the crazy wishes that the fish made, they made their own wishes and wishes for others and wrote captions for the pictures in the story.

Art in Architecture

We were delighted to be asked to attend an exhibition in memory of the late architect Roger Fitzgerald entitled ‘Art in Architecture’. Mr. Fitzgerald was a local Sevenoaks resident and passionate advocate for the town; he was also the man responsible for designing our wonderful school building. Sadly, Mr. Fitzgerald passed away last year and the exhibition at the Kaleidoscope Galley celebrated some of his favourite and most iconic work – including Riverhead Infants’ School! 

   Some of our Year Two School Councillors represented the school as they were introduced to the work of Roger FitzGerald and they reciprocated the invitation by asking the curators of the exhibition to visit us for tea!

Term Three

Year Two Science Topic

The Year Two Children focused on materials and explored the stability of different structures. Discussing how different materials can be changed. How grouping together the same material can make a strong structure. Ernie in Neptune Class was particularly pleased about how strong the cardboard tubes were when he had to stand on them unaided!

Year One Kandinsky Subject

During their art lessons the Year One Children experimented with colours and learnt how to make different tones of a secondary colour. They used these skills to make some artwork in the style of Kandinsky.

Year One Lego Workshop

The children had an exciting learning opportunity taking part in the Lego Robotics workshop. They worked in pairs learning about algorithms to design and bring to life working models of a fairground ride.

Year One Draw with their Feet!

As part of their Toy Topic, Year One learnt how to improve their observational drawings of a teddy bear through learning how to create textures using a 2B pencil. Falcon Class discussed our school value of determination and learnt that some artists with disabilities use their feet draw. The whole class had a go at holding a pencil with their toes and they realised how challenging it is.

Term Two

Christmas Crafts

Christmas is such an exciting time of year, especially here at Riverhead, and the school was full of all things glittery as the children were busy making their cards and gifts to take home. We really were in the Christmas spirit, singing along to the songs we learnt for the wonderful productions. Mrs. Walkden and Mr. Pilfold decorated our tree beautifully, which was kindly donated to us by Homebase, East Grinstead. The Christmas post box was overflowing with cards for everyone. 

We learnt more about the true meaning of Christmas and the Year One Children made Christingles. Christingle is a joyful celebration that brings families and communities together to share the light of Jesus and spread a message of hope

Fire Safety Day

With all the excitement of bonfire night drew some fantastic firework pictures and made some amazing firework rockets!

Year Two Building Designs

David Gamble talk to the children about a book he had written called BucQUEENham Palace.  He also talked to them about someone else who shared a link to both the book and our school. The cover illustration for BucQUEENham Palace was created by another local resident – Roger Fitzgerald. As well as being the illustrator for this book, Roger was the architect responsible for designing the ‘new’ Riverhead Infants' School that was opened in 2009.  We ran a competition with the children to draw a picture of the school.  

Reception Art

To celebrate Diwali, the Reception children learning this important Hindu festival and made diva lamps to guide Rama home!


Super Silver Award!

We are incredibly proud to announce that we have been awarded the Silver Artsmark . This has been a long journey ,over a number of years, for the children and Staff at Riverhead and has involved a number of projects accumulating into this achievement.   It was celebrated that as a school we have set out a range of developments to foster our children's creativity and autonomy whilst increasing the presence and the profile of the Arts in our curriculum. The OPAL playtimes and school well-being garden were two of the main developments and we are so pleased with the positive impact they are having on our children's learning and well-being. 

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