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Year Group One

Animal Classification

In science the children researched animal classification, putting them into the groups of omnivores, herbivores and carnivores. They learnt what each group likes to eat and the features they have to help them with their diet.

They loved their exciting visit from Zoolab! They looked at and handle (if they wanted to!) a variety of amazing creatures such as a snake, hissing cockroach, a scorpion, tarantula, lizard, and giant snail. This helped to deepen their learning about classification and the diet of different animals.

Year One's Mysterious Foot Steps

Year One had a "WOW" start to Term Four as they discovered some mysterious foot steps outside their classrooms! Mrs Wolfe sent them some pictures that had been emailed to her of the footprints and they used their predicting and investigating skills to report back to Mrs. Bligh. After much discussion, they decided they must belong to "The Lonely Beast" which was their new focus book.

When the Lonely Beast has identified himself, he explained why he was shy and looking for friends and the children were asked to create a kind friendly Beast so that he is no longer lonely. They wrote a letter from their Beast asking him to be their friend.


Year One Geography Topic

In geography the children learnt about the United Kingdom, marking its countries, capital cities and surrounding seas on their own 3D maps which they created from salt dough.

Year One - Let's Play Topic

The Year One focus story was "Brown Paper Bear".  There was a mysterious brown paper package with ribbon on and  the children discovered it was a very old bear.  They met their old class bears, introducing them to their own teddy bear friends. Bear went on an adventure and the children took part in role playing and freeze framing as they explored their thoughts and feelings.  They researched historic toys, comparing them with the modern ones we play with today such as the cup and ball toys which they enjoyed designing and making.


In their PSHE lessons they thought about "achieving together" discussing a short term goal with their talk partner and working together to create their wellie design which represented their goal. The children had to comment on what was easy and what was difficult working with their partner to complete this task.

Thomas' Ball and Cup Game.

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Winter Walking

The children took the opportunity to enjoy a lovely frosty morning by going on a winter walk. They discovered magical icy patterns, slivery spider webs and glistening leaves in the sunshine.

Year One's Design and Technology

In Year One's design and technology lessons, the children learnt about joining technique to create their willow 3D lanterns for their wonderful Carols by Candlelight Concert. The lights in the lanterns shone, lighting up the hall for a truly magical effect.

They also got excited for Christmas and practising their handwriting skills by writing their letters to Father Christmas. You will be pleased to hear that along with playstation games and iPads, they would also like remote controlled trucks!

Starlight Safari

The Year One children returned to school for their magical Starlight Safari. Wearing their warm clothes and armed with their torches, the children visited six different stations in their groups which were named after planets in our solar system. There was paper lantern making, campfire singing, cosmic crown making, nocturnal animal searching, night time story-telling, and of course one of the most popular activities, hot dog eating! Thank you to everyone who helped organise and volunteer for this unique Riverhead event. 

Singing Round the Campfire.

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Year One Topics

The children learnt about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. They sequenced the events and re-told the story.

In their science lessons they learnt about animal classification grouping them into mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and fish.


The Evil Pea Escapes

The children made been making their traps for the Evil Pea, who escaped from the kitchen which meant the children only had carrots to eat for lunch!! The traps were made out of cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and fruit nets amongst other junk items to create some amazing devices.

During their computing lessons, they used the Purple Mash programme to draw their Evil Pea by creating a shape and filling it in in.

Neptune Class were very excited to see their traps worked!

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Food Glorious Food!

As part of Term One's "Food Glorious Food" topic, the Year One children researched the artist Arcimboldo. They made collages of their own faces using fruit and vegetables.

They also created their Superhero Vegetables using googly eyes, masks and capes just like the Supertato story. We had some wonderful characters such as Courageous Carrot and Outrageous Onion.


Year One study Grace Darling

The Year One children studied the historical figure Grace Darling. They wrote about her life as a lighthouse keeper's daughter and the "Great Storm", and ordered the events of her life in a time line. In design and technology, they used mechanisms including sliders, wheels and pivots for simple levers incorporating these into their own designs to make a moving picture for a scene to tell her story.

Jim and the Beanstalk!

A giant pair of glasses, a measuring tape and some golden coins appeared outside the Year One classrooms in Term Six! After much discussion, the children decided they must belong to the giant from the story Jack and the Beanstalk! The children arrived at school to find an envelope addressed to their class containing the book for the week, Jim and the Beanstalk. They planted their own beans and have created castles on top of poles for them to climb up. They have also wrote their own stories about the book.

Silhouette Art

It was all about silhouette art in Year One. Everyone drew a side profile of their face and then filled them in by drawing their favourite, most meaningful things. It gave their peers a real insight to each others hobbies etc. and they all played a guessing game to try and work out which silhouette belonged to which friend.

Year One's Art Topic

In art the children researched the artist Mondrian, who was a Dutch painter and theoretician and was regarded as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Using primary colours they painted a picture in his style. Some children also used the painting programme in Purple Mash. We really liked Finn in Bumblebee and Jasper in Dragonfly's lovely paintings.

Year One Go Potty!

We were delighted to welcome back Debra Thomsett, a renowned ceramicist who has worked with the children before to create some fabulous clay pieces for our outdoor art installation which will be part of our Arts Mark award.  The children and staff had the opportunity to glaze their leaves, flora and insect designs which depict the different seasons and which will be installed in the school grounds when it is completed.


It was wonderful to meet with so many lovely grandparents this week who joined the Year One classes to talk to them about the toys they used to play with as children.  The children prepared the questions to ask and were delighted with the answer.  They learnt and played with some lovely toys such as hula hoops and tea sets.  Thank you to everyone who

took the time to visit us. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!