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Year Group One

Year One Spider Subject

The Year One children read “Sidney the Spider”.  They completed sentence starters, as “I liked….” and “I was surprised….”; looked at speech bubbles to work out which character as walking in the story; answered some quiz questions about the story; and put some pictures in chronological order.  They also became mini beast

hunters, searching for different bugs, and wrote a report about their findings.


For the Year One transport topic, the children were asked to explore different forms of transport, considering how they have evolved over time to become more comfortable and efficient. Their home learning centred around Grace Darling, a courageous young woman who helped her father save ship wrecked sailors in a terrible storm on September 17th 1838. 


Following on from their Zoolab experience, the children continued to research and write about carnivores and herbivores.  They developed their understanding of animals and their special features, making use of their knowledge of adjectives to describe their unique features.  


As part of their “Animal Kingdom” topic, the Year One children took part in the Zoolab workshop.  They were introduced to a wonderful collection of animals such as snakes and giant land snails.  They learnt about the diet of the animals and where they came from which supported their learning about herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.  In class they made animal fact cards about their experience.


Well done to Maple Class for a fantastic assembly.  The children impressed their families and friends with their knowledge of STEM week including plastic, its properties and its environmental impact.  Their singing was superb and their love of learning was evident.


It was wonderful to meet with so many lovely grandparents this week who joined the Year One classes to talk to them about the toys they used to play with as children.  The children prepared the questions to ask and were delighted with the answer.  They learnt and played with some lovely toys such as hula hoops and tea sets.  Thank you to everyone who

took the time to visit us. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


As part of this term’s toy topic, the Year One children took part in an enrichment day where they were taken back in history to explore toys from the past.  Activities included investigating toys from the past and present, there was even an archaeological dig to find toys buried from Roman times.

They also brought their favourite toys into school, but unfortunately they all went missing!  There was an incident were some toys were scattered outside the Year One classrooms.  Traces of green slime was found on the ground and the children discussed what might have happened.  They were asked to investigate this strange occurrence and were sent the book “Toys in Space” to help them.  It looked like they were stolen by the Hoctopize, so they had to describe what their toys looked like, and made posters to warn other people!


During Term Three, Year One studied Christianity, the life and teachings of Jesus, events and concepts which are significant to Christians.  Rev Anne Bourne from St Luke’s visited them to explain the process of baptism.  They asked her some interesting questions such as, “why do babies get baptised?”, “where does the water come from?” and “why does the Vicar give the children a candle?”.  Rev. Bourne also spoke to them abut weddings.  The children made up their own vows, promising to help each other if they fell over in the playground and to share their sweets, even if it is the last one!


The Year One children returned to school in their warm clothes, armed with their torches, to take part in our superb Starlight Safari.  In their groups, named after planets in our Solar System, they visited the six different stations.  We had activities including paper lantern making, campfire singing, cosmic crown making, nocturnal animal searching, night time story-telling, and of course one of the most popular activities, hot dog eating! Thank you to everyone who helped organise and volunteer for this unique Riverhead event, it is one that is enjoyed equally by the staff as well as the children.  


Year One explored “Firelight and Starlight”.  They learnt the history of bonfire night and wrote about the events of the Great Fire of London as well as the story “Bringing Down the Moon”.  They also been looked at seasonal changes in science, discovering what bulbs look like inside and what helps to make them grow.  They planted some in the school grounds and will monitor their progress through the year.


Year One children have used the text “Supertato” to create and make their own superhero vegetables.  They drew and wrote their design instructions and used materials such as wiggly eyes and tissue paper to develop their ideas.  We had pretty perfect parsnips, cute cool cucumbers and amazing appetising apples!


Year One’s topic for Term One was “Food, Glorious, Food”.  The children learnt about the benefits of a balanced diet and the need to exercise.  In science, they focused on the human body.  They named the obvious parts of their bodies, i.e. leg and head, and have found out more about their insides such as veins and arteries.  Also as part of the topic they tasted and created their own soups.  They learnt basic food handling and hygiene practices and how to use the appropriate tools properly.