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Year Group One

Happy Me

Our Year One children took part in a "Happy Me" workshop which was delivered by The Nest wellness space in Chipstead. It was a fun and playful course which taught the children about what emotions are, how to process them in a healthy way and how to optimize happiness and wellness.

Ready, Steady, Go!

Ready, Steady, Go was Term Six's Year One topic. The children really enjoyed becoming fact finders researching the very brave Grace Darling. They found out why she was so brave and  decided to design her a gold Riverhead Medal.  

They had an amazing time at the Chatham Dockyard investigating the areas of HMS Gannet and discovering what it must have been like to live aboard the ship.  They took part in two other workshops at the Dockyard which involved learning how to make a traditional skipping rope and a drama workshop retelling the life of Grace Darling. 

In their science lessons they tested different materials to find out which was the best one for Grace Darling to wear to keep her dry during her epic rescue.

During their DT lessons they created a moving picture of Grace Darling, using different paper mechanisms.

Writing About Goldilocks

The children rewrote the story of Goldilocks using their handwriting skills to include spacing between words. They used punctuation, adjectives and sentence structure.


The Green Man!

During their art lessons the children researched the origins of "The Green Man". Firstly, they studied and considered proportion and facial features.  They then learnt techniques of how to roll and pinch clay, and also, how to make marks in the clay.    They used these skills to create their own artistic versions of a 3D Green Man.

Year One visit to St. Mary's Church

Year One visited St. Mary's Church to discover more about the history and special features of the beautiful Church. They looked at the unique furniture; found out why we light candles; what the altar is used for; why Christians think it is important to be baptised; and drew some of the stunning stained glass windows. At the end of the visit Lola and Anthony, and their best man and bridesmaids, walked down the aisle to take part in their mock wedding.

Term Five Topics!

A giant pair of glasses, super-sized tape measure and some gold coins fell on poor Mr. Pilfold! A boy called Jim also saw a picture of a beanstalk out of his window! After much debate, the children decided they would write to Jim telling him why, or why not, they thought he should climb beanstalk.  They explored poetry and wrote their own acrostic poems to go in the Giant's poetry book.

In their science topic the Year One children learnt about and labelled plants, identifying different features. They also planted their own runner beans seeds and monitored their progress over time, transplanting them to the kitchen garden.

During their geography lessons they have been looking at aerial views. They have learnt how to draw a map of an aerial plan adding basic symbols as a key.

During their P.E. lessons, the children have been developing their techniques in the barrel, straight and forward roll, putting all these elements together to make a routine.

Art in Year One

During their art lessons, the Year One Children learnt about the different techniques of collage.  Using Henri Rousseau as their inspiration, they studied household plants and practised their line drawing.

A Visit from Zoolab

As part of the term’s “Animal Kingdom” topic, the Year One children took part in the Zoolab workshop.  They were introduced to a wonderful collection of animals such as a snake called Bob, a tree frog called Frodo, and tarantula called Blondie.  They learnt about the diet of the animals and where they came from, which supported their learning about herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.  In class they wrote a recount of their experience.

Year One Science Topic

The children continued their science topic by researching omnivores, recording facts they learnt to create their own. In their computing lessons they added details of herbivores to their e-leaflet template on Purple Mash, and used their new skills to drag pictures onto the template, resizing them and changing the fonts to make them unique.

A Mystery Beast in Year One!

Something or someone with very big feet visited our Year One classrooms after school! Mrs Wolfe received an email to say that a creature had been spotted in the school grounds. The children found some claw like footprints outside their classrooms and they predicted what they thought it might be and what it might look like! 

When the mystery character was revealed as the Lonely Beast. The children wrote in character as the him, writing a diary entry about their day as the Beast.  Practising adding "ing" and "ed" to the end of verbs.

Year One Topics

In geography they have been learning about the four countries of the United Kingdom and locating these on a map.

In science they have been learning about the different features of carnivores, and using the facts they researched they created their own.

Lego Workshop

The children had an exciting learning opportunity taking part in the Lego Robotics workshop. They worked in pairs learning about algorithms to design and bring to life working models of a fairground ride. This was all part of their Toy Topic.

Year One Lego Workshop

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Grandparents Day

We hosted Grandparents Day to enhance the children's learning, giving an insight into the toys their grandparents played with when they were younger. It was lovely listening to everyone's stories and learning about their childhood, and everyone enjoyed their tea and biscuits!

Let's Play in Year One!

Term Three's topic for Year One was "Let's Play". The children found a mystery parcel in their classrooms. Inside was "Brown Paper Bear" who was the bear they were reading about. He explained that he was lonely and asked the children to bring their teddy bears to school. They used their bears as a stimulus for their descriptive writing and made description necklaces for each of them.

During their art lessons they learnt how to improve their observational drawings of a teddy bear through learning how to create textures using a 2B pencil. Falcon Class discussed our school value of determination and learnt that some artists with disabilities use their feet draw. The whole class had a go at holding a pencil with their toes and they realised how challenging it is.

All Fishy in Year One!

In science they have been looking at the structure of amphibians and their features. They also had the

opportunity to identify the features on a real fish and added this information to their fact files.

Year One Starlight Safari

We love the Year One Starlight Safari! It is a really exciting event for the children and brings their topic of "Whizz Pop Bang!" to life in a fun and informative way.  Everyone joined in with the singing around the camp fire; made cosmic glow in the dark crowns; discovered nocturnal animals to win a prize; made paper lanterns to light up their group pictures; listened to some lovely stories with silly voices!; and ate delicious hot dogs under the night sky! 

Year One Find a Dragon's Egg!

Year One made an incredible discovery of a strange egg at the foot of the ancient oak tree! The teachers have been in touch with Dr. Penfold, a renowned Dragonologist asking for expert opinon! She has asked the children to write to her describing the egg so that she can confirm what type of dragon it belongs to.

Dr. Penfold is kindly sending them a book about dragons to answer their questions and help them identify the dragon.

Autumnal Walk

The children enjoyed a wonderful Autumnal walk around our school grounds during their science lessons. Using their senses to detect signs of Autumn, they found some colourful leaves, signs of burrowing animals and lots of conkers and acorns!

Food Glorious Food!

As part of their "Food Glorious Food" topic, the children created a Superhero Vegetable using using googly eyes, masks and capes just like the Supertato story they read. We had some wonderful characters such as Perfect Parsnip and Courageous Carrot!

They also catergorised fruit and vegetables, identifying the which food had seeds, which were sweet, and which grow above or below the ground.

During their science lessons, they learnt about senses with a focus on "smell".  After smelling different smell pots, containing items such as lemons, garlic and chocolate, they chose the best one for the Gingerbread Man to use to disguise himself!

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