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Reception Year Group

Reception Go Potty

The children practised their modelling skills!  After reading the story of

the “Empty Pot”, they have designed and created their own pots.  Some children used the 

coiling technique and some pinched their pots.  Once dried they painted them by mixing colours. 


The children have been learning about money in their maths lessons.  They have identified different coins, their value, colour and size.  Using this knowledge they played a fun bingo game and also worked out which coins they needed to buy their favourite fruit.


The Reception children read the story “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch”.  As part of their work, they were asked to come up with their own ingenious plan for stopping the seagulls getting the basket of food.  They wrote them some lovely letters asking them to leave the food for Mr Grinling, and devised a pulley system just like Mr Grinling’s to send down the lunch safely.  They also made a simple circuit to light up their lighthouse.  


EYFS have been researching different types of transport using the non-fiction text “Things on Wheels”.   As a group project, they have built a map of a town, including place names and vehicles.  They really enjoyed counting the cars outside school, to find out how many different colours passed by and used pictograms to record the data.


The Reception children have been reading the book “Giant Jam Sandwich” by John Vernon Lord.  They have carried out their own experiments with bread to see how it changes over time in different conditions.  They have also developed their engineering skills by creating their own ovens using recycled materials.


Reception discovered the traditions of the Hindu festival of Diwali, linking it to our tradition of bonfire night.  They learnt about the importance of light and what it represents in different cultures through looking at divas and fireworks.  They have made their own fireworks and drew beautiful patterns of them exploding in the night sky.


Reception children learnt about the human skeleton.  They read the book “Funnybones” by Janet and Allen Ahlberg.  They felt some of the bones under their skin and learnt that bones are hard and give our bodies shape.  They made some wonderful pictures using straws in their D&T lessons and learnt the song “Dem Bones” and used musical instruments to reflect bone sounds in their music lessons.


We are very proud of our new Reception children who settled in really well to their school routines.  In their first full week at school, they discovered the school grounds, played with the resources in their classrooms and made new friends. They also received a new book titled “The Cave” by Rob Hodgson, a curious story about a very hungry wolf and a secret little creature.  The books were gifted to us by the BookTrust working in conjunction with Kent Libraries to encourage families to make time to read together, share stories and have fun discovering new tales.