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Reception Year Group

Cheeky Pirates in Reception

All three reception classes were invaded by cheeky pirate, but they did help to build their very own pirate ship in their art lesson! They also made their own pirate hats by using different cutting and folding techniques just like the ones in their focus book "The Night Pirates". They wrote a message in a bottle to a friend asking for "help" because their boat was trapped!

They also read the "Lighthouse Keepers Lunch", learning about electricity and how the light on the lighthouse works. They even made their own circuit boards, and using their creative skills they have all helped to decorate a very large lighthouse!

Term Four Topic

This term's Reception topic is "Wonderful Water".  The children read the book "There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed the Sea"! They really enjoyed making up silly rhyming couplets words such as "frog, log, dog" just like the story. They also read the book 'Zim Zam Zoom' which gave them the opportunity to continue to explore different rhythm and rhyme. They even used their own bodies as percussion instruments!

Digging for Dinosaurs!

The Reception children researched dinosaurs in Term Three. They read the story "Dinosaur Dig" retelling it in their own words. They handled a variety of fossils and explored observational line drawings as an art focus. They also designed their own dinosaurs thinking about what would happen if a T-Rex had wings or if a Stegosaurus could swim!

Construction in Reception!

The Reception children went crazy as they helped Callum build all kinds of manic machines after reading the story "Callum's Incredible Construction Kit"! They used descriptive words to design and label a machine to rescue some frozen Lego. Their creative ideas really impressed their teachers, although they did struggle to find a friendly T-Rex to crunch up the ice! They also constructed some whacky 3D buildings just like the one in the story.


They also read "Oi! Get Off Our Train". This beautifully illustrated book is about habitats and the extinction of particular animals. The children thought about animals that are endangered and wrote in their learning journals about the one that they would most like to save and why.

The Reception Children went on a Bear Hunt!

This week the Reception children went on a bear hunt as part of their "Going Places" topic! They read the book "Going on a Bear Hunt" which gave them the opportunity to practise their repeated phrases. They had lots of fun making up their own actions, comparing them to the actions in the story. In their art lessons they made bear heads from paper plates using different textures such as sponges, foil and paper to create different effects.

Little Red Riding Hood in Reception

The "Little Red Riding Hood" was a focus for the children, and they have really enjoyed the story. Some very interesting characters joined the children's own versions including Father Christmas himself! This helped them all get into a festive mood especially when they made their decorations, Christmas calendars and cards.

Potion Making in Reception

There was a lot of potion making in the classes as the children reade "Room on the Broom" by Julia Donaldson! They became witches and wizards casting spells, considering how the different animals in the story might feel to touch and creating some wonderful witchey themed art using different textures and mediums.

Once Upon a Time!

In Term Two the EYFS topic was "Once Upon a Time", and the children read traditional tales as well as texts which challenge traditional stereotypes such as "The Paper Bag Princess". One of the books was all about pigs and a wolf! They designed and constructed houses for the three little pigs using different materials to see which one was the strongest.

"Dem Bones"

It was all about "dem bones" in Reception as the children's learning linked to the text "Funny Bones" by Janet and Allen Ahlberg. They though about their own bones looking at x-rays; painted some fantastic some fantastic life size skeletons; used pasta to create animal skeletons just like the zoo ones in the book; and explored repeated book language such as "in the dark, dark street......".

Alien Invasion in Reception

The aliens landed in Reception! The children noticed strange footprints in their classrooms and were delighted to discover that Beegu, an alien character, had arrived for a visit. The children loved reading about her and were fascinated by the funny noises she made when she spoke.

For their home learning, the children designed and made a vehicle that they could travel in through space. They thought about what it would look like, what they needed to take with them and where they could travel to. We had some amazing rockets and spacecrafts. Well done everyone!

Reception's Term One Topic

The EYFS topic for Term One was "Ourselves" and the children learnt all about birthdays. They read the story "Bear's Birthday" and explored different ways he liked to celebrate, comparing these to the way that children like to celebrate theirs. In art, they painted some wonderful self portraits.

The children also started "Dough Disco" exercises which is designed to support dexterity and finger strength.

Around the World with Reception

The Reception children started their topic "Around the World" by reading a story about Max and her toy, who travelled to different countries looking to see if everyone is "unique". This encouraged much discussion about different cultures, people and environments. They also read the book "Pretty Salma" which is an African story based on "Little Red Riding Hood", and created some wonderful wanted posters for the mean wolf! During their art lessons, everyone explored elements of African art especially colours, patterns and weaving.

They also read the story of "Immi" which looks at different people, relationships and the importance of making kind choices. The children particularly enjoyed role playing and interviewing the characters in the book. They felt very cold though when they explored the polar landscapes that Immi lives in.

Growing in Reception

The children read a story about a little boy who goes on an extraordinary adventure. Albie helps his mum to plant some seeds and when he wakes up the next day, to his surprise the seeds had grown into a great big Jurassic jungle, including real live dinosaurs! This discovery prompted much discussion about other things Albie could grow, such as unicorns, night stars and superheroes!

The children really enjoyed reading "Yucky Worms" by Vivian French and learnt lots of facts relating to worms and soil. They certainly must have used good soil as the sunflower seeds they sowed in class started to shoot up very quickly!