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Reception Year Group

Around the World with Reception

The Reception children started their topic "Around the World" by reading a story about Max and her toy, who travelled to different countries looking to see if everyone is "unique". This encouraged much discussion about different cultures, people and environments. They also read the book "Pretty Salma" which is an African story based on "Little Red Riding Hood", and created some wonderful wanted posters for the mean wolf! During their art lessons, everyone explored elements of African art especially colours, patterns and weaving.

They also read the story of "Immi" which looks at different people, relationships and the importance of making kind choices. The children particularly enjoyed role playing and interviewing the characters in the book. They felt very cold though when they explored the polar landscapes that Immi lives in.

Growing in Reception

The children read a story about a little boy who goes on an extraordinary adventure. Albie helps his mum to plant some seeds and when he wakes up the next day, to his surprise the seeds had grown into a great big Jurassic jungle, including real live dinosaurs! This discovery prompted much discussion about other things Albie could grow, such as unicorns, night stars and superheroes!

The children really enjoyed reading "Yucky Worms" by Vivian French and learnt lots of facts relating to worms and soil. They certainly must have used good soil as the sunflower seeds they sowed in class started to shoot up very quickly! 

It's all about the Bugs in Reception!

The children learnt about the lifecycle of tadpoles and frogs. They used adjectives to describe what happened to a frog as it develops. They extended their vocabularly using words such as metamorphosis and chrysalsis. Linked to this they read the book "Tadpole's Promise" and particularly enjoyed it when poor butterfly got eaten by her froggy friend at the end of the story! They also got very creative and made some wonderful frogs and tadpoles in the creative areas in the classrooms.

They also read the book "The Very Ugly Bug". This wonderful story teaches us to value everyone and to recognise different skills and positive traits. The children made lolly stick insects; learn the ugly bug ball song and designed their own bugs.

Down at the Bottom of the Garden!

The Reception children started their new topic "Down at the Bottom of the Garden" by transforming their role play areas into garden centres. They all planted a sunflower seed and wrote instructions for how to grow and care for them. They made careful observations as they germinated and grew. The children also produced some beautiful, sunny sunflower artwork beginning with observational detailed line drawings.


Pirate Week

Following on from the pirate theme, the children read "The Night Pirates" and were introduced to a crew of girl-only pirates! The story is about Tom, a boy who joins the crew, which takes him on an adventure across the high seas to steal the treasure from the grown-up pirates. They designed their own wanted posters and created some fantastic masks so that they could disguise themselves in preparation for their heist!

They also took part in floating and sinking experiments as well as coin cleaning, because as everyone knows, every pirate needs shiny treasure!

Wonderful Water

Term Four's topic in Reception was wonderful water and the children started it by reading "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed the Sea". They created giant seabeds, exploring texture and adding different natural materials for fish to live and hide in.

After reading the story "The Fish Who Could Wish", they weaved with willow! They used wet strength tissue paper to make their own fish and decorated them independently to add to their giant seabeds.

Delightful Dinosaurs

There was a roar of dinosaur's in Reception when the children went on an archaeological dinosaur dig! Using adjectives they described the features and actions of the different dinosaurs that they found. They also made dinosaur eggs out of paper maiche and dinosaur skeletons, as well as dinosaur footprint painting!

They really enjoyed their art lesson when they draw observational pictures of fossil lines.

Plants and Habitats!

The Reception children read the story "Whatever Next" by Jill Murphy and made their own papier mache planets to visit, just like Bear and Owl in the story.

They also read "Oi get off our train" and discussed and wrote about different animal habitats. This encouraged great discussion about endangered animals. The children researched why some animals are extinct and why we need to look after our plant so all animals can thrive.

Reception Christmas News

The children read "Letter to Bear", a festive story all about doing kind things for our friends. Bear wrote letters inviting all the animals in the wood to a Christmas party and then the children wrote their own very special letters to Father Christmas. Their teachers were really impressed with their letter formation and were particularly pleased to see so many of them applying phonics knowledge in their writing.


They were also very busy making some fabulous eco decorations for our tree which were displayed on the St. Mary's Church web site as part of their Christmas Tree Festival. There are lolly stick triangles, prickly pine cones and beautiful beads! 

Jupiter Class making their Christmas decorations.

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Dragons and Sandwiches!

The children were amazed and intrigued to find dragon footprints in their classrooms! As part of their literacy work, they have been reading the "The Paper Bag Princess" by Robert Munsch. The story generated some interesting conversations about gender stereotypes and the children talked about how some dads stay at home and how some mums work in professions such as firefighters. They also became very creative using oil pastels to draw dragons and used different materials to create habitats for their dragons.

They also read "The Giant Jam Sandwich" by John Vernon. Everyone followed a set of instructions to make their own delicious sandwich, using language such as 'next' and 'then'. They really enjoyed eating them as well!

Reception's Diwali Projects

The children retold and re-enacted the story of Rama and Sita, a traditional Hindu story connected to Diwali and compared it with other familiar religious festivals. They made some delightful diva lamps, Rangoli patterns and cards.


Funny Bones

There was some rattling noises in Reception as the children work around the story "Funny Bones". They had a great time becoming skeletons and making up their own actions to the story. They composed poems using repeated story book language of "dark, dark". These included dark, dark bananas and dark, dark unicorns! They made homes for the animals of the skeletons found in the Zoo. Worked hard at ordering various skeletons from one to ten, following the correct order and checking their work once they had finished. They have also created some super spooky skeleton art using cotton buds and straws.

The Reception Children Go Space Travelling

Just like Beegu, the Reception Children went space travelling! In literacy they explored the text Beegu and developed their ability to recall the story about the cheeky alien. They designed and created their own rockets using cardboard tubes and boxes, working out what they would need to take them to another planet.

In their first P.E. lessons, everyone learnt the importance of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle; the rules we use in school to keep us safe when exercising and they especially enjoyed using the running track for the first time.


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Welcome to Our New Reception Children

Our new Reception children settled well into their school routines. We were so impressed with them all, especially at lunchtime and for getting used to the new lining up routines so quickly. 

The first term's journey was all about "Ourselves" and they started it by exploring how we celebrate our birthdays and how other children around the world celebrate theirs. They read the book "Bear's Birthday" and interacted with the different maths themes in the book. They also received a book from the Book Trust, called "The Runaway Pea" by Kjartan Poskill and Alex Willmore. The story is about a pesky pea who decided to ping himself off the plate in search of a party! The Book Trust works in conjunction with Kent Libraries to encourage families to have fun discovering new stories.