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Current Committee Members

Current PTA Officers


Mrs Joyce - Chair


Mrs Hansford and Miss Pegg - Vice Chairs


Mrs Holden - Secretary


Mrs Salmon - Treasurer

Class Reps

Saturn Class - Ms. Arvanitidou, Ms. Gudgeon, Mrs Hooper and Mrs Lavelle.


Jupiter Class - Mrs Pieterse and Mrs Witham


Neptune Class - Mr. Hewlett, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Steggles.


Dragonfly Class - Mrs Hansford, Mrs Horton, Mrs Peel and Mrs Simpson.


Bumblebee Class - Mrs Keane and Mrs Pearce.


Grasshopper Class - Mrs Colenso, Mrs Skinner and Mrs Wickham.


Beech Class - Mrs Brind and Mrs Keley.


Maple Class - Mrs Brunning, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Miles.


Hazel Class - Mrs Haspicova.


Nearly New Uniform


Mrs. Holden, Mrs Tonge and Mrs Miles.