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Current Committee Members

Current PTA Officers


Ms Ives - Chair


Mrs Couch - Vice Chair


Mrs Grimshaw - Vice Chair


Mrs Trussler - Secretary


Mr Smith - Treasurer

PTA Class Reps - 2018-2019


Hazel Class - Ms Lorensson, Mrs Swanton and Ms Wettmann


Beech Class - Mrs Butterworth, Mrs Gudgeon, Mrs Hobbs and Mrs Shaw


Maple Class - Ms Garrote, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Smeaton


Fox Class - Mrs Fellows and Mrs Olorenshaw


Badger Class  - Mrs Ball, Mrs Barker and Mrs Bridges


Hedgehog Class - Ms Redding and Mrs Izzard


Ladybird Class - Mrs Ireland, Mrs Shaw and Mrs Smith


Honey Bee Class  - Mrs Hansford, Mrs Palmer  and Mrs Withey


Butterfly Class - Mrs Bonser and Mrs Cowland