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Year Group Two

Year Two

The children have found mysterious micro dragons!  Using their lanaguage skills they described where they found them; what they looked like and where they were from.  They went on extradionary adventures with their dragons, some of whom were magic, and wrote about them as part of their English home learning.


They also embarked on their new adventure of moving to Amherst school!  Our Year Two teachers had their transition meetings with the Year Three teachers.  Mr Reid invited their parents to a virtual induction and the children had a virtual tour of their classrooms.  The children also found out who their Year Five buddies are and wrote to them, introducing themselves and telling them all about their hobbies etc.


We would like to say a big “thank you” to Ms. Thompson and her team of helpers for organising the lovely leaver’s hoodies.


As part of their D&T topic, the children designed and made healthy smoothie drinks.  They tasted some branded fresh and frozen drinks such as strawberry and banana, and spinach, mango and lime. 


We had some fantastic costumes for the Year Two Superhero Day, with children coming to school dressed in fictional characters such as Batman and Supergirl and brilliant homemade costumes such as a lifeguard, witch girl and snake boy.  As part of their topic they have designed and made their own masks, written instruction for creating their own superhero and investigated materials that would be suitable for super stretchy Elasta Girl!

They all became first aid super heroes by taking part in a workshop recently.  Everyone learnt how to call for emergency help, put someone in the recovery position and the part they all loved the most – how to make a sling for a broken arm!


Year Two travelled back to the Victorian times to take part in a Florence Nightingale Day workshop and everyone looked wonderful in their outfits.  They learnt about the hospital in Scutari and her work during the Crimean War; worked at different stations handling replica artefacts; wrote their postcards home to loved ones; made medals of honour and candle holders.  They used their experiences of the day to enhance their learning in class during their English, history and geography lessons.


Thank you to all the parents and carers who helped their children produce some fantastic and informative science projects.  Each child was asked to research a specific body part and we had some wonderful power points, written work and creative displays.


The children learnt about Judaism and the meaning of Hanukkah.  They brought in their most precious objects and talked about which objects are precious to people who practice the Jewish faith.  They also tasgted potato latkes, made by our wonderful kitchen staff, with apple sauce which is a traditional Jewish food.


The Year Two children took part in an exciting Diwali day, writing poems and their own versions of the story of Rama and Sita, as well as learning how to dance in Bollywood style during their workshop. They dressed in traditional Hindu costumes to re-enact the story and handled religious artefacts.


Year Two’s new school year started with “Amazing Africa”.  During the term they will be introduced to the continent of Africa, and the country of Malawi in particular, whom we have special links.  In writing they have been focussing on information about Malawi and writing non-fiction statements, and creating questions to ask Sarah Mtonga from the Umoyo project.  They were also visited by the Iroko Theatre Group and learnt traditional Africa fables which was brought to life using live drumming, dance, songs and chants. 


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