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Year Group Two

Year Two R.E. Topic

The children studied Islam in Year Two. They learnt about mosques and the important parts of the buildings including the dome and the minaret. They found out how Muslims prepare for prayer and when and where to pray.  They wore "Ask me about... stickers" home so that their parents could ask them about their lesson. 

They also learnt about Ramadam and Eid and played Eid bingo to remember the significant traditions and artefacts.


Year Two Research Plants

The children learnt about the properties about plants. They discovered that a plant needs, water, soil, nutrition and the correct temperature to grow and survive. In science they set up an experiment to discover which condition is the most important.

Year Two Art

In their art lessons, the Year Two children researched the landscape artist Bridget Riley who was famous for Opt-Art style. They focused on her colour work and the landscapes she drew from her time in Cornwall.

Looking After Ourselves!

We all know that exercise and a healthy diet are important and the Year Two children created their own powerpoints using the App Comic Life in their computing lessons to show this.  They discussed how to elevate their heart rate and practised different movements such as star jumps and push ups; categorised healthy and non healthy food; and decided that eating treats in moderation was acceptable.

Titanic Topic

In Term Five the children researched the journey of the Titanic as part of their migration topic. They learnt where the ship was built and who by. They compared the three different classes of passengers and found out what life was like on board depending on the class people belonged to. During their computer lessons they wrote to Captain Smith, asking about the facilities on board. 

Design and Technology

In Year Two's design and technology lessons, the children designed, created and evaluated a moving model of a mini beast as part of their "Extraordinary Environments - Local and Global" topic. They incorporated pneumatics to make the mini beasts move.

Super Smoothies

During their D&T lessons, the Year Two children learnt about the ingredients and manufacture of shop bought smoothies. They then applied this knowledge to combine different fruits to make their own healthy drinks. Their favourite shop brought flavour was mango and favourite class made was strawberry and banana. 

Wonderful Whale Poems

Year Two had a whale writing  poems about what they would find on the back of a whale. They used expanded noun phrases with alliteration to create descriptive phrases. Thank you children for working so hard we loved your compositions.

Ruby's Poem.

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Chloe's Poem

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George's Poem

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Year Two's Super Heroes!

The first Year Two topic for 2021 was Super Heroes! During the pandemic we have realised that "super heroes" come in all guises! Apart from our traditional notions of heroes such as the NHS and police, we recognised that shop workers, delivery drivers, carers, cleaners and of course school staff are also heroes! The children read the story of "Max the Super Hero". Max's superhero parents can't understand why he can't fly like them, but one day he does and then he decides to be a small hero, doing small deeds! The children were asked to think and write about what small deeds they do. We had some very interesting ones such as making the bed and helping to look after younger siblings. As well as regularly feeding the birds in our gardens and looking after our environment. We really love Anna's small deeds writing!


They also researched Florence Nightingale. They discovered what equipment she used during the Crimean War; how she improved the conditions for the sick and injured soldiers in Scutari Hospital in Turkey, how her courageous actions helped to save hundreds of lives, and how she helped make nursing become a respected profession. Well done to Tilly for working so hard on her Florence Nightingale topic. 

We also really liked the children's posters which depicted Florence's life.

Christmas in Year Two

Year Two researched the history of Christmas. They asked their families to complete a questionnaire so that they could compare the presents, foods and games etc. to the ones their grandparents and parents had. They were very surprised to see that none of them were given XBoxes and that their favourite games were Monopoly and card games.


In music they applied the skills they learnt, such as body percussion and rhythms, and of course, have been practising their Christmas songs.



Year Two Celebration Topic

Year Two began their "Celebrations" topic by studying the Hindu festival of Diwali.  They read the story of Rama and Sita and learnt about the Hindu faith and how families celebrate this wonderful Festival of Light. 

They were also inspired by Iznik pottery from Turkey to make celebration plates. They designed their own patterns and used traditional colours to decorate and paint them.

They also learnt about the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah this week. They talked about which objects are precious to Judaism and how they compare to their own precious objects. They tasted potato latkes, made by our lovely kitchen staff, with apple sauce made by Mrs Browning using the apples from our kitchen garden. Latkes are traditional a Jewish food which commemorates the miracle of the oil lasting eight days in the story of Hanukkah. They learnt how to play dreidel which is a traditional game played during Hanukkah. The letters on the dreidel are the first letters in a Hebrew phrase that means “A Great Miracle Happened There” and the game is usually played for money, but we used counters instead!


Year Two News

In their PSHE Jigsaw lessons, the children created "learning charter" posters to show their rights and responsibilities as learners. For their posters they had to think about and include illustrations to show, rewards and consequences linked to different behaviour choices. The posters come at the end of a term where the children have been learning and thinking about "being me in my world". They have also been making posters during their maths lessons as they have been revising 2D and 3D shapes.


Pupils thought about the wider world and in particular Malawi which links to our connection with the Umoyo Project. In English they have been composing noun phrases linked to images of the beautiful Lake Malawi such as, stripy, tropical and blue fish! The children have also been discussing their own heritage. Scarlett in Hazel Class made a wonderful power point all about her Father's family in Africa.


Year Two Anansi Topic

Year Two enjoyed the Anansi text as part of their English learning. Anansi is an Akan folktale character who often takes the shape of a spider. He is a tricky little character and learns different lessons through different stories. One of the stories the children read was "Anansi and Turtle" which teaches us not to be greedy!


Year Two's Term One Learning

As part of their geography subject, Year Two enjoyed learning about continents and oceans of the world.  They also consolidated their number bonds to ten and twenty; revisiting their Year One common exception words and preparing them to embed them into their English. This has allowed the teachers to gain a better picture and plan for the week's to come.