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Year Group Two

Year Two R.E. Lesson

During their R.E. lessons, the children learnt about the true meaning of Christmas and what it means to Christians. They followed the sequence of pictures giving a brief written description of events to tell the story.


Science and Computers!

In science the children thought about what food we need to keep healthy. They alked about an "Eat Well Plate" and decided what to put on their plate for a balanced diet.

They used the Purple Mash computer programme to produce some amazing Pointillism art, which is a technique in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. The results were amazing!

Knole House Visit

The Year Two children visited Knole House as part of their history topic. They enjoyed a lovely walk to the House, where they dressed up in traditional Tudor costumes; were shown the beautiful rooms and courtyards; learnt all about some of the significant events and people related to Knole.  They even had the chance to handle some of the replica artefacts such as the quills, bellows and butter patters. 


They continued their work on Knole House by creating their own posters to describe the different aspects of the visit.

Weaving Kente Cloth

The Year Two children used their designing and paper weaving skills to make Kente cloth which is a traditional Ghanaian textile historically worn in a toga-like fashion by royalty and added black marker to make geometric patterns.

BuckQUEENham Palace

Recently we had the pleasure of welcoming local author David Gamble into school to talk about

a book he had written over lockdown, entitled ‘BuckQUEENham Palace’. The story is a light-hearted and amusing consideration over whether the name of Buckingham Palace should be changed to reflect the fact that Queens have inhabited it for longer than Kings. As a way of commemorating her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. 

He also wanted to commemorate someone else who shared a link to both the book and our school. This is because the cover illustration for BucQUEENham Palace was created by another local resident – Roger Fitzgerald. As well as being the illustrator for this book, Roger was the architect responsible for designing the ‘new’ Riverhead Infants' School that was opened in 2009. 

David Gamble returned to school to judge our "School Building" drawing competition. Congratulations to Ruby in Saturn Class, Samuel in Jupiter Class and Ernie in Neptune Class who amazing pictures won them a certificate and £10 to spend on whatever they like! All of the children were given puzzle square as a "thank you" for their hard work and taking time to enter. 



Printing in Year Two!

The Year Two children used their own printing skills to produce some wonderful patterns.

Following their experimental printing, the children designed and made their press print tile during their art lessons. Using their tiles, they transferred their designs onto fabric to make their Chitenge which is a traditional garment worn in Malawi.

African Drumming

Term One started off with a musical bang as the children practised their drumming skills when they took part in the Iroko Workshop. The workshop was organised as part of this term's Amazing Africa topic and the event was based around a traditional African fable. Throughout the day the children took part in drumming, dancing and singing which really brought this subject to life. 


Year Two Buddy Olympics!

As part of their transition to Amherst the Year Two children joined their Buddies for a sporting Olympics afternoon and also visited their new classrooms and met their new teachers.

Year Two Visit to Drusillas

The children took part in a wonderful visit to the Drusillas Animal Park to consolidate their learning in geography and science.  They explored the zoo and attended a workshop where they learnt more about the animal habitats and adaptations.  


Revisiting the Past in Year Two!

The Year Two children revisited the past in Term Six. They brought their baby photos into school and discussed how their bodies have changed in the last seven years. This was connected to the KS1 PSHE topic and will help to prepare them to cope with change and transitions into their new schools. We organise lots of transitions between ourselves and Amherst and the children's Year Five Buddies visited us to share the booklets they had created with their Year Two friends.

We also welcomed some of the children's grandparents to school for a tea party. They prepared questions to ask them about their own school experiences and how the curriculum and activities have changed since they were young.

Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve

The children visited Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve to study the landscape, maps, animals and environment which supported this term’s Environment topic.  All three visits were full of learning with pond dipping, bird watching and bug hunting, as well as fun and laughter.  They wrote an account of their visits when they returned to their classrooms.

Healthy Eating Poster

The children used the Comic Life app to create their own posters about healthy food. They took their own photographs and imported them onto their poster and used their editing skills to write about them.

Extraordinary Environments - Local and Global

During their design and technology lessons, the children designed, created and evaluated a moving model of a mini beast as part of their “Extraordinary Environments – Local and Global” topic,  incorporating pneumatics to make them move.

Titanic Topic

In Term Five the children researched the journey of the Titanic as part of their migration topic.  They learnt where the ship was built and who by.  They compared the three different classes of passengers and found out what life was like on board depending on the class people belonged to. 

Migrating in Year Two

The children learnt about the migration of emperor penguins as part of their term's topic. They wrote a narrative account of their journey moving deeper south over the frozen wasteland in -70 degree conditions with winds 100 mph!

They also read the story "Lost and Found", a heartwarming story of friendship between a boy and a penguin. The children thought about the characters' emotions and retold the story in their own words thinking about their sentence rules.


Super Smoothies

In science the children learnt about ways that animals, including humans, grow healthily, with a focus on nutrition and balanced diets. They tasted "shop bought" smoothies and learnt the bridge cutting technique to prepare fruit and vegetables. They enjoyed experimenting putting together different combinations to make a class recipe. The best flavour by far was strawberry and mango!

Super Heroes

The Year Two children ended their Super Hero topic with their very own Super Hero Day! We  had some amazing homemade costumes such as "Colour Girl", "Super Paws" and Super Jess as well as the popular comic heroes, Batman, Wonder Woman and Spiderman. Some of our children also dressed up in historic characters such as Emmeline Pankhurst and Florence Nightingale, as well as their sporting Superheros such as Ronaldo!

During the day the children took part in various activities including cape making and Superhero keep fit sessions, bringing this exciting subject to life.

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