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A Gallery of School Events

This section of the website shows events that occur across the whole school, capturing the moments as soon after they happen as possible.

Developing and Enhancing Our Outside Areas

We have been developing and enhancing our outside areas for the children's emotional wellbeing and enjoyment.  This is all part of our work using the Resilience Toolkit and will help to embed what we are already doing in school, identifying gaps and formulating actions moving forward. We really noticed a difference at playtimes with everyone enjoying the outdoor area fully. As these projects are part of our School Development Plan, all school staff attended outdoor play training. This gave everyone the opportunity to understand and contribute to developing our play and provision. 


We held our first Play Assembly as we opened up our digging and woodland areas for the children to play in. We discussed how to use the equipment properly and what we need to do to keep ourselves safe whilst enjoying the area.  The children's imaginations ran wild digging for dinosaur bones and treasure, and making camps and traps for the Year Two monster.


 We were thrilled with how ‘The Oaks’ looked and the peaceful space it provides.   The children helped design this area and we loved their ideas of flowers, bird feeders and ponds! The School Council helped lay some of the pebbles and we were so grateful to Mrs Cherry, who worked with Deborah Tompsett the ceramicist to complete our wonderful art installation. We are also thanked Mr Puttock who has designed a complete planting scheme and worked with the children to implement this; as well as the Sevenoaks Garden Centre, who spent time helping Theo, Charlie and Alfie in Jupiter Class to choose pots and plants, and then refused to accept any payment!  We were delighted when Councillor Avril Hunter, Chairperson of the Sevenoaks District Council, agreed to officially open our new garden area for us.


Our two sandpits are amazing!  It is wonderful to watch the children laugh and play in this tactile area.  They built sandcastles, made streams and dug for gold!   The children's excitement and inventiveness continued as they played in the The Woodland Area and The Hollow working together to invent games and activities of their own.  


We discussed the rules for our Trim Trail area and decided how to use the equipment safely, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of it.  The children decided that the adult on duty should stand by the monkey bars and help anyone who might find it difficult to get across them.


Who would have thought a few water troughs and drain pipes could be so much fun!  The children really enjoy playing the new water area and making different water runs!


Working Together in the Woodland.

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Wonderful Woodland.

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Rolling with the Tyres.

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Having Fun in The Hollow.

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Playing with the Water!

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Playing with the Water.

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Playing with the Water.

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End of Year and Summer Production

The end of the school year is always a busy time.  Everyone performed their favourite James Carter songs and poems beautifully at the Summer Production; Reception and Year One visited their new classrooms and met their new teachers; Year Two prepared to move to Amherst and we said "goodbye" to some of our families and members of staff.

At this time of the year the Year Two pupils and school staff nominate the children who have consistently shown our school values.  This year's winners were:-

Love of Learning

Eloise Pearce - Bumblebee Class

Max Lockyer - Dragonfly Class


George Carmichael - Dragonfly Class

Brooke Miles - Grasshopper Class

Independent Thinking

Ollie Gallagher - Grasshopper Class

Imogen Horton - Dragonfly Class


Harvey Celarski - Bumblebee Class

Lydia Keley - Dragonfly Class

Head Teacher Awards

Max Perry - Bumblebee Class

Valentina Calle Genovese - Grasshopper Class

Carnival Fun!

We had an amazing time at our Carnival!  Because of the very hot weather, we decided not have the bouncy castles, but there were lots of other fun activities for us all to take part in.  Everyone tried their luck at guessing the sweets in the jar; used their skills in "beat the goalie"; hooked lots of ducks; enjoyed an ice cream; practised their circus skills and dance movements; took part in the space hopper races; and laughed their way throughout the morning!  

Sporting Stars

We were delighted to be able to host our Year Two Heptahlon event again. Eight local Primary Schools joined us to take part in events such as target throwing, obstacle races, dishes and domes, and hurdles.  Congratulations to the Riverhead Infants' School Team of Felix and Valentina in Grasshopper, Max and Billie-Jean in Dragonfly and Harvey and Frankie in Bumblebee who won the trophy for us this year!  Thanks also went to Mr. Taylor and his team of Year Six Amherst helpers who were brilliant in keeping things running smoothly and recording the scores, and of course to Mr. Costigan for organsing the event as our PE Lead. 


Sports day was another wonderful, colourful event.  The children cheered on their team mates, tried their hardest to win every race and were gracious in their defeat!  Blue Team were the winners. At the end of the day we had our traditional optional “fastest boy and fastest girl” race which were won by Ella in Bumblebee and Max in Dragonfly.


Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee

What a wonderful Jubilee celebration we had at Riverhead Infants' School.  The sun shone and it was great to have the support of so many parents, along with governors, to share this memorable occasion.  We were delighted to be joined by residents from Rivermere and Kippington, making it a real community event! When the rain came, it did nothing to dampen our patriotic spirits and several parents reported that the children’s rendition of the national anthem continued well after our celebrations had ended!  We received some saplings as part of the Queen's Canopy project and once they have grown sufficiently, Eco Club will transplant them to ‘The Oaks’ to provide a reminder of this amazing event for many years to come.  


Also linked to the jubilee celebrations, we were invited to make decorations for the Riverhead Parish Council “Picnic in the Parkland”.  Miss Rodaway, our apprentice T.A., led this project in conjunction with our School Council.  All the children decorated a piece of bunting which we took to the parkland to adorn the trees.  We were also asked to help decorate the local area by knitting red, white and blue flowers.

St. George's Day

It was lovely to see our children who are members of the Rainbows and Beaver groups come to school in their smart uniforms to celebrate St George’s Day. As you know Baden Powell, the founder of the scout movement, chose St. George to be the patron saint of Scouts as he wanted St. George’s Day to be a time to reflect on the Scout Promise and what it means to be a Scout.

Easter at Riverhead

The children learnt about the importance of Easter in the Christian calendar and how we celebrate this wonderful festival.  Year Two interviewed "Jesus" and learnt the significance of Palm Sunday.

We had a fantastic Easter Technology Day when we were joined by Amherst School to make our Easter bonnets which we displayed to the parents during our parade.

Bessel's Green Baptist Church led our Easter Assembly, retelling the story through the eyes of children!

Kent Fire and Rescue Assembly

Mr Barker, an Education Officer for Kent Fire and Rescue Service, led a fire safety assembly which taught the children the importance of fire safety, focusing on how pupils should keep themselves safe. He talked about the "stop drop and roll" method of helping someone, what protective clothing fire people wear and the importance of fire alarms in our homes.

The children also learnt which number they should dial if there was a fire. 

Special Visitors

In Term Four the children enjoyed some exciting enhancement opportunities starting with a lot of fun and creativity with the poet, James Carter, and an inspirational visit from international sprinter and national gold medallist, Frederick Afrifa.  They learnt his mantra Fred taught them (Keep moving forward!) that fits with our school value of determination, which the children demonstrated during their fitness challenge. Sponsorship money raised went towards supporting GB athletes as well as physical activities here at school.

Working Out with Frederick Afrifa.

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Super Skateboarding

The KS1 children took part in a fantastic skateboarding workshop.  Working in teams the children learnt how to stay safe when skateboarding and scootering by wearing the appropriate helmets and pads. They helped each other learn the skills to balance, board and stop, whilst having fun and exercising.  

World Book Day

World Book Day is always a highlight here at Riverhead. It is lovely to see the range of favourite book characters and wonderfully creative costumes – from children and staff - and the parade provided another opportunity to come together as a school community.

During the day the children had the chance to talk about the book characters they had chosen.  They also had a special visitor called Shelley, a real live tortoise, who read the story of the "Hare and the Tortoise" to them with the help of Mrs Wolfe! The PTA book swap was a huge success. Thank you to our parent volunteers who organised this and our Year Two children who ran it. 

Brilliant Bird Week

Well done to everyone who took part in the Big British Bird Week.  In school we learnt about the different species of birds which visit our grounds and the Year Two children carried out surveys to support their data handling work. Year One looked at appropriate materials that could be used to create a bird feeder. The best one by far was the traditional wooden one. Our Reception children transformed their investigation shed into a bird hide, using their binoculars to find the different birds.

The RSPB sent us four sturdy bird boxes which Eco club and Mr Pilfold have erected in the woodland area.

KS1 Lego Workshop

The KS1 enjoyed a fantastic Lego workshop.  The workshop covered part of the computing curriculum and provided the children with the opportunity to programme movable devices, such as fairground rides.

Lego Workshop

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E-Safety Day

During one of our inset days, staff took part in online safety training, which is part of our safeguarding training.   Mrs Browning, our Computing Lead, organised our E-Safety day with the KS1 children taking part in a workshop explaining the importance of staying safe on-line through fun activities, role playing, signing and games. All the children read “Digiducks Big Decision” which tells the story of how help arrives just in time for Digiduck when his friends and himself are faced with a difficult decision about being responsible online. The Year Two children also took part in a quiz organised by the Sevenoaks District Council which highlighted different potential online risks to be aware of.  We hope that parents also learnt something from your children’s posters and booklets showing the understanding of what they were taught.

Chinese New Year

This year is the Year of Tiger and Mrs Gibbins led our Chinese New Year assembly which was performed by the children who attend Mandarin Club.  Their Mandarin singing was wonderful and we learnt the importance of the Zodiac to the Chinese culture.

Mandarin Club Assembly.

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Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year to be working in a school. To see the children so confident to stand on the stage and perform with such enthusiasm made their teachers and parents very proud! Special thanks went to all the staff who supported and encouraged our creative children and to Mr. Pilfold who filmed and edited the performances for us so that grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends could watch the talented children.  The closing collections raised £929. which was split between Cancer Research UK, Hospice in the Weald, Umoyo and the school.

The school was full of festive excitement with the children preparing their cards, calendars and gifts to take home.   We had a delicious Christmas lunch with all the trimmings.

There were shouts of "he's behind you" and "oh no it isn't" when the pantomime Aladdin visited us, and of course there was an awe of wonder when Father Christmas himself brought presents for the class parties.

Road Safety Week

This year's Road Safety theme was "Road Safety Heroes". The children learnt how they can play a part in making road journey's safer for everyone, especially during the winter months. They designed posters explaining why we need to be vigilant when walking to school and using the road. 

Celebrating Our School Value of Belonging

We had two special events in Term Two to celebrate diversity and underpin our whole school value of "Belonging". 

During our International Day the children earnt about and celebrated the diversity of cultures and nationalities in our Riverhead School community and we were excited to see them come to school dressed in traditional costumes. 

Odd Socks day was an opportunity to celebrate the fact that we are all unique and all equal. This is taught in school through the weekly Jigsaw curriculum lessons.

The term's Jigsaw topic was Celebrating Difference and our weekly focus included how to interact with others when working and playing, being sensitive to our own (and others) feelings, solving problems and giving and receiving compliments. 

Bountiful Harvest Festival

We were thrilled to be joined by Rev Andy Finn from St. Mary's Church who lead our Harvest Festival Assembly. The children performed their songs with such enthusiasm and confidence. Our tables were heaving with generous gifts of food and treats which we took to the Loaves and Fishes project. 

Mrs Hagland our chef, made some delicious harvest loaves which were shared amongst all the classes.

The Secret Sky Garden

The Year One and Two children read the book "The Secret Sky Garden", which is about a little girl Funni who transforms a disused rubbish filled car park into a into a beautiful vibrant garden. She meets a friend called Zoo and they decide to make some warrior and shield kites to fly in their garden. Taking inspiration from the book, the children designed, made and flew their own wonderful kites. They also designed a garden for the school so that we can transform an unused area in the school into a wonderful wellbeing garden as part of our Artsmark project.

The children also became Eco Warriors like Funni and Zoo and created their own posters explaining the importance of looking after our environment.

Fantastic Fred Experience

Our Year One and Two children took part in the NHS Fantastic Fred Experience. Fred's name represents -

Food - Eating the right foods.

Rest - getting enough sleep

Exercise - Being active

Devices - Managing time on digital devices.

The interactive workshops centered around children's mental health and helped to explain the link between physical and mental health. We learnt that feeling healthy makes us feel good which helps us improve our lifelong emotional resilience. Everyone really enjoyed the performances and each child was given a FRED wristband as a reminder of the day, as well as some home resources.

Mental Health Awareness Week

This year's Mental Health Awareness Week's theme was nature. Evidence shows that time spent in nature can reduce stress and anxiety whilst increasing children and young people's confidence and creativity. Something as simple as stopping to listen to birdsong, taking care of a house plant or the smell of freshly cut grass can all help change our mood. This was certainly evident at school with children and staff sharing outdoor activities, encouraging each other to take part in the daily challenges, and thinking about what makes us feel happy and who we should talk to when we are worried about things.

Well done to everyone who took part in our "Walk to School Wednesday". Some children walked with their new puppies and dogs; some left early and challenged themselves to two laps of the common before coming to school; some scooted; some climbed their favourite trees ;and some made the most of our beautiful surroundings and walked through the parkland. 

Pirate Week

The pirate themed week was a wonderful way to welcome children back to school, with staff and children really getting into the spirit of it. The classrooms became pirate ships which fortunately were all back, having sailed the seven seas, for the crews to be taken home on time. 

Our Creative Curriculum

All aspects of the National Curriculum are taught through our creative theme-based curriculum.  As you know the key skills of English and mathematics are taught daily plus guided reading.  Other subjects such as music, P.E., DT and computing are also embedded throughout the curriculum and provide children with enjoyment and the skills to prepare for the modern world.

We are extremely lucky that Mrs Adebekun and Mr Smith have both been able to provide videos of the music and P.E. lessons for the children who are not at school and we hope that you have all enjoyed them.

The children really enjoy their D.T. topics and we have had some lovely home learning projects. Reception read the story of Callum's Incredible Construction and made their own crazy houses just like the story. In Year One the children have been learning about weaving and have made paper weavings. In Year Two the children have been making their 3D masks for their Superhero characters. They painted a mask shape and embellished it using materials such as pipe cleaners and feathers. 

This year's eSafety week theme was, "An Internet we can trust", and the children were able to access an eSafety activity set for them by Mrs Browning, our IT Lead. The campaign focused on how we decide what to trust online and explores how influence, persuasion and manipulation can impact young people's decisions, opinions and what they share online.


What a fantastic start we have had to the term with our brilliant STEM Week.  The week was packed with exciting learning opportunities for all the children.  The Architect Workshop encouraged team work to solve mathematical problems to build small and large triangular shapes which are the strongest to use for building structures.  In the Lego Robotics workshops, pupils worked in pairs learning about algorithms to design and bring to life working models of fairground rides.  Professor Bubbleworks visited us on Friday bringing a fun filled day of science with the everyone joining in with exciting and sometimes messy experiments!  Some children invented their own maths games which they played with their peers.  We had “space bingo”, animal top trumps, mazes and world maps.  

We were so grateful to the parents, aunts, uncles and friends who visited us and spoke to the children who have been inspired by their interesting jobs in the science, technology, engineering and maths industries.  They really enjoyed learning about the different industries, asking lots of questions and thinking about their future careers!