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A Gallery of School Events

This section of the website shows events that occur across the whole school, capturing the moments as soon after they happen as possible.

Easter Technology Day

The children learnt about the importance of Easter in the Christian calendar and how we celebrate this wonderful festival.  We had a fantastic Easter Technology Day, decorating eggs, making cards, building towers to nest an egg on and everyone took part in an exciting Easter egg hunt!


As you know every ten years the whole country takes part in a census, and the children have been learning the importance of the census. Ms. Bradley's Monday assembly explained why it is important, how it gives the government a picture of all the people and households in England and Wales, and how it becomes a historical document which will inform future generations of life today. Everyone took part in a traffic survey recording the statistics of the cars that drove past the school. The Reception children took part in their own 3D shape survey and discovered how many different shapes there are in their classrooms. Year One children linked their art lesson to the census by thinking about their individuality and identity. They made a template of their hand and arm and decorated them with patterns and flowers. Year Two have been asked by the office of National Statistics to take part in the "Let's Count" survey which encourages them to complete their own tally charts.

Pirate Week

The pirate themed week was a wonderful way to welcome children back to school, with staff and children really getting into the spirit of it. The classrooms became pirate ships which fortunately were all back, having sailed the seven seas, for the crews to be taken home on time. 

World Book Day

For this year's World Book Day we decided to read the text "The Pirates Next-Door" by Jonny Duddle. The children were encouraged to explore what pirate things interested them and the children in school had some great ideas. The Reception children loved making their own jolly roger flags. The Year One pirate ships were amazing and their clay tree pirates a little bit scary! Year Two created their own pirate books and read them in their cosy dens.


Kung Hei Fat Choi - Happy Chinese New Year!

Mrs Gibbins taught the children about her Chinese culture and the ways she celebrates Chinese New Year. This year is the Year of the Ox and the children learnt about about the Animal Race which is the story behind the Chinese Zodiac.  They also learnt about the significance of wearing red, how families celebrate in their homes, and made some fantastic Ox lanterns. We loved Reception's dragon!

Snow Day!

Everyone loved playing in the snow and having snowball fights - especially the teachers!

Children's Mental Health Week

The theme of this year's Children's Mental Health week was "express yourself". It is so important to allow our children to embrace their individuality and express themselves without persecution and ridicule from others. This can be through the clothes they wear, the activities they enjoy; the music they listen to and the teams they support. It was lovely to see the children dressed in clothes which expressed themselves. We really enjoyed the explanations for the different outfits and definitely agree with Alice in Reception who wore her Christmas jumper because she loves Christmas so much!


Our Creative Curriculum

All aspects of the National Curriculum are taught through our creative theme-based curriculum.  As you know the key skills of English and mathematics are taught daily plus guided reading.  Other subjects such as music, P.E., DT and computing are also embedded throughout the curriculum and provide children with enjoyment and the skills to prepare for the modern world.

We are extremely lucky that Mrs Adebekun and Mr Smith have both been able to provide videos of the music and P.E. lessons for the children who are not at school and we hope that you have all enjoyed them.

The children really enjoy their D.T. topics and we have had some lovely home learning projects. Reception read the story of Callum's Incredible Construction and made their own crazy houses just like the story. In Year One the children have been learning about weaving and have made paper weavings. In Year Two the children have been making their 3D masks for their Superhero characters. They painted a mask shape and embellished it using materials such as pipe cleaners and feathers. 

This year's eSafety week theme was, "An Internet we can trust", and the children were able to access an eSafety activity set for them by Mrs Browning, our IT Lead. The campaign focused on how we decide what to trust online and explores how influence, persuasion and manipulation can impact young people's decisions, opinions and what they share online.

Brilliant Bird Week

In Term Three we celebrated the Big Garden Birdwatch. Everyone was encouraged to become twitchers and mark a tally chart of the birds they found in their gardens and design and create their very own bird feeder using recycled materials. William in Bumblebee Class saw a flock of ten parakeets and a jay in his garden.

Thank you to Mrs Puttock for organising the assembly and curriculum activities which the whole school enjoyed.

Christmas 2020

Our Christmas term has been filled with joy and laughter!  The children have been researching the true meaning of Christmas and how different religions celebrate this special time.  Their talents shone through when they all performed their productions, and made beautiful decorations and cards for their families.  We enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch and even had a very special visitor who brought a present for everyone at the class parties!

A Special Message from Father Christmas.

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Fire Safety Day

With the excitement of bonfire night, all year groups took part in our Fire Safety Day. The children learnt the “stop, drop and roll” routine and how to stay safe.  Reception children let their imaginations flow by creating their own fireworks out of playdoh and painting some fantastic firework pictures.  Year One learnt about the history of Bonfire Night and discussed the key events of The Great Fire of London.  They also designed their own safety posters.  Year Two discussed the importance of fire safety especially during the winter nights.

Golden Time Toys

Huge thanks goes to everyone who donated their toys for the children's "Golden Time". We were overwhelmed by your donations. As many of you know Golden Time is a weekly reward for making good choices and we are pleased that all the classes have already enjoyed playing with the games, puzzles, cars and figures etc.

KS1 Collective Art Project

The children enjoyed personalising their "All About Me" shoe boxes and filling them with their "treasure" items, as part of the PSHE subject. Everyone was excited to share their family photos, favourite toys and memories. It was a lovely way for everyone to reaffirm their friendships and learn something new about each other.

In Term One the KS1 children studied the artist Hundertwasser. They created some wonderful artwork in the style of Hundertwasser, thinking carefully about line and colour.

Hazel Class

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VE Day Celebrations

We hope you all enjoyed your celebrations for V.E Day.  We loved seeing your creations.  In school we made our own red, white and blue wreaths and bunting and discussed why it is important to remember this significant day. 


We have had a fantastic week this week, embracing our artistic side and discovering new talents, to celebrate art in different forms.  The Junk Orchestra visited us and the children created a “Recycled Rave” making instruments out of plastic bottles, yoghurt pots and kitchen rolls. 

During the week, Deborah Tompsett, a professional ceramicist, worked with the children to make individual clay tile pieces which will be fired and glazed later on in the term.  We also invited Governors and the PTA reps to attend a cylinder workshop to help create an installment which will be erected outside by the oak tree.  Thursday was World Book Day and the children and staff came to school dressed in their favourite characters from traditional and new rhymes, rhyming stories and poems.  We had some wonderful outfits such as Humpty Dumpty, Three Blind Mice and Zog.  We even had a book themed lunch menu with dishes such as Harry Potter Pasta and Charlie and the Chocolate Cookie! 

 Our “doodle” competition has been such fun with the children and staff letting their imaginations go wild and doodling to their hearts content!


The Junk Orchestra

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The Junk Orchestra

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Peaceful Doodling.

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During our e-Safety week we learnt about staying safe on line.  KS1 took part in a workshop with Perform.  The Year One children became superheroes and learnt how to make sure that all the children on planet earth became super safe by singing the “zip it, flag it, block it” rap.  Year Two created their own T.V. adverts warning children of the dangers of giving out their personal information on line.



We were invited to take part in the Infant Agility Games again this term, and the school was represented by ten Year One and ten Year Two children.  The morning consisted of multi skill stations such as foam javelin, standing long jump and mini-mini hurdles.  We are delighted to report that our Year Two team came a very respectable second with 130 points and Year One came a solid seventh! Congratulations to the overall winners Lady Boswell, who will now go onto to represent the district  in the Kent School Games.


What a fantastic start we have had to the term with our brilliant STEM Week.  The week was packed with exciting learning opportunities for all the children.  The Architect Workshop encouraged team work to solve mathematical problems to build small and large triangular shapes which are the strongest to use for building structures.  In the Lego Robotics workshops, pupils worked in pairs learning about algorithms to design and bring to life working models of fairground rides.  Professor Bubbleworks visited us on Friday bringing a fun filled day of science with the everyone joining in with exciting and sometimes messy experiments!  Some children invented their own maths games which they played with their peers.  We had “space bingo”, animal top trumps, mazes and world maps.  

We were so grateful to the parents, aunts, uncles and friends who visited us and spoke to the children who have been inspired by their interesting jobs in the science, technology, engineering and maths industries.  They really enjoyed learning about the different industries, asking lots of questions and thinking about their future careers!


We would like to say a very big thank to everyone who has supported the PTA and the school by giving their time, suggestions, organisational skills and money to raise funds for our wonderful new computer suite.  The suite has enhanced our computer curriculum by providing each child with their own computer in a bright and cheerful space which enthuses them to participate in their lessons.  Our new suite was officially opened by Cllr. John Edwards-Winser the Chairman of the Sevenoaks District Council and Cllr. Irene Collins, the Chairwoman of the Riverhead Parish Council.


The whole school was involved in a visit by gymnast Courtney Tulloch.  Everyone took part in a set of sponsored fun exercises to help build their strength and co-ordination, and then we watched an amazing acrobatic demonstration by Courtney.  The children were really inspired by his enthusiasm for the sport and particularly enjoyed watching him somersault over four of our teachers!  Thank you to everyone for helping us raise an amazing £3,730, which will be split between the school and the charity.  Congratulations goes to Butterfly Class for raising the most money – £893.60.  We think you are all champions and hopefully one day you might take part in the Olympics like Courtney will be!


The whole school really enjoys Easter Technology Day as we get to work with our friends at Amherst.  Year Two children work with Year Five at Amherst School, and Year Six work with our Reception and Year One here at Riverhead.  The children research ideas for their bonnets at home and bring their pictures, designs and ideas to school.  We use recycable materials in keeping with our eco status and enhance them with colourful seasonal decorations.  It is a wonderful event to end to the term with and the children are really proud to show off their hats during our Easter Parade.  Well done to everyone for the amazing creations!


The whole school took part in this year’s RSPB bird week. We carried out observations to count and record how many birds visited our school grounds.  The children learnt the different common bird names they spotted, and each year group took part in their own activities.  EYFS completed surveys and used the data to create pictograms as part of their maths data handling work.  Year One made bird feed, using seeds and margarine, which they placed around the school grounds.  In Year Two they used their data to ask and answer questions, making comparisons between the birds spotted this year compared to previous years.  Thank you to everyone who took part in the RSPB survey at home.  The data returned has helped us

build a picture of the current trends in the local bird population.


This year’s road safety message is all about being “Bike Smart”.  The theme aims to raise awareness about the importance of being safe whilst cycling and scooting.  Each class discussed how to keep safe on the road especially in the winter.  They designed posters, talked about the Green Cross Code and Year Two took part in a scooter safety workshop.  The focus was on the importance of safety gear, how to ride to school safely and learning key scooting skills.  To find out more about the workshop please click on the following Team Rubicon link, www.teamrubicon.co.uk

Royal Wedding Celebrations

There was a patriotic feel to the school when we all wore red, white and blue to celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Thank you to the parents who helped set up our street party and decorate the tables for lunch. Everyone enjoyed a traditional British meal of fish and chips followed by ice cream and strawberries.

Lizzy Yarnold Visit

We were so excited to be invited to take part in Lizzy Yarnold's parade to celebrate her second gold medal!  Some of our Year One and Two children had a lovely bus journey to Trinity School where they cheered, waved flags and displayed the banner we had made. Everyone was allowed to hold the medal, and Logan in Robin Class even became a celebrity when he was interviewed for the BBC and ITV!

Well done Lizzy we are all very proud of you! 

Logan's Interview with ITV.

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Well done Lizzy!

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Her Majesty's Birthday Celebrations

What a wonderful week we had celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday!  During the week the children took part in various workshops; created their own stamps in the style of Andy Warhol; took part in a competition to design a poster for Her Majesty, with the winners becoming King and Queen for the day.  However the best part by far was Friday's street party when everyone came to school dressed in red, white and blue, and enjoyed a traditional "fish and chip" lunch, after respectfully raising the Union Jack and signing the National Anthem! Happy Birthday Ma'am.