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Meet the Staff

The school has three year groups each with three classes.

Reception Classes - Dragonfly, Bumblebee, Grasshopper     Ages 4 to 5

Year One Classes -  Maple, Beech, Hazel                               Ages 5 to 6

Year Two Classes -  Hedgehog, Fox, Badger                          Ages 6 to 7





Head Teacher - Ms S. Bradley

Head Teacher - Ms S. Bradley 1 Ms Bradley

Deputy Head Teacher

Deputy Head Teacher 1 Mrs Bligh - Inclusion Manager

Assistant Head Teacher

Assistant Head Teacher 1 Miss Grimwood - Grasshopper Class/EYFS Lead

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery 1 Mrs Swain

Reception Teachers

Reception Teachers 1 Mrs Gengatharan - Dragonfly Class
Reception Teachers 2 Miss Reay - Bumblebee Class
Reception Teachers 3 Miss Grimwood - Grasshopper Class and EYFS Lead
Reception Teachers 4 Ms Seminario - Grasshopper Class

Year One Teachers

Year One Teachers 1 Mrs Cherry - Maple Class
Year One Teachers 2 Miss Wickwar - Beech Class
Year One Teachers 3 Mrs Osman - Hazel Class
Year One Teachers 4 Ms. Seminario - Hazel/Maple Class
Year One Teachers 5 Miss De Ville - Assistant Class Teacher Maple

Year Two Teachers

Year Two Teachers 1 Mrs Adem - Hedgehog Class
Year Two Teachers 2 Mrs Nightingale - Fox Class/Year Two Lead
Year Two Teachers 3 Miss Bartels - Badger Class
Year Two Teachers 4 Mrs Browning - Hedgehog/Fox Class

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Higher Level Teaching Assistant 1 Mrs Puttock

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Miss Miles
Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs Brown
Teaching Assistants 3 Miss Sarjeant
Teaching Assistants 4 Mrs Dunn
Teaching Assistants 5 Miss Goodman
Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs Kerr
Teaching Assistants 7 Miss Lloyd
Teaching Assistants 8 Miss Wynn
Teaching Assistants 9 Mrs Elvery
Teaching Assistants 10 Mrs Munns
Teaching Assistants 11 Mrs O'Mahoney
Teaching Assistants 12 Mrs Manning
Teaching Assistants 13 Mrs Brown
Teaching Assistants 14 Mrs Gibbins
Teaching Assistants 15 Miss Wright
Teaching Assistants 16 Miss Loader
Teaching Assistants 17 Miss Parkins

P.E Teacher

P.E Teacher 1 Mr. Moth

Music Teacher

Music Teacher 1

Midday and RASC Teaching Assistants

Midday and RASC Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs Chan-Whyte
Midday and RASC Teaching Assistants 2 Ms Pennells
Midday and RASC Teaching Assistants 3 Mrs Alberts
Midday and RASC Teaching Assistants 4 Miss Wolfe
Midday and RASC Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs Ellis
Midday and RASC Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs Fowler
Midday and RASC Teaching Assistants 7 Mr Garcia

Site Manager

Site Manager  1 Mr Veness

Administration Staff

Administration Staff 1 Mrs Wolfe - Office Manager
Administration Staff 2 Mrs Parkins - Administration Assistant
Administration Staff 3 Mrs Walkden - Business Manager
Administration Staff 4 Mrs Hosiene - Finance Assistant

Independent Catering Staff

Independent Catering Staff 1 Mrs Gay-Bowie
Independent Catering Staff 2 Mrs Miles
Independent Catering Staff 3 Ms Miller