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Our Links with the Local Community

We enjoy close links with our local community and make every effort to participate actively.  Ministers from local churches regularly lead Acts of Worships and linked theatre groups share the Christian message through exciting productions and assemblies. 


Our PCSOs play an integral part in supporting the teaching of safety curriculum, as do the Fire Brigade.


Close links are maintained with numerous local Pre-Schools and Nurseries, some of whom join us for the highlights of our year such as the Christmas Nativity and the Easter Bonnet Parade.


At our Harvest Celebration and the Summer Pageant we are always delighted to be joined by residents from local homes for the elderly, some of whom we have had links with for many years.

CleanUp Weekend

Well done to the Keane and Craddock families who took part in the Sevenoaks Clean Up Weekend.  The weekend was organised by a group of volunteers to raise awareness, educating future generations and keeping our beautiful district clean and tidy.

St. Mary's Christmas Tree Festival

Year Two made extra tree decorations for our tree at St Mary’s Church, which we decorated for the Churches Christmas Tree Festival.

Christmas Assemblies

Our first Christmas assembly which was led by Josh and Andy from the Bessels Green Church.  During their assembly they showed a clip from an advert from a very well-known shop, where a young child encounters an alien. They linked this to difference and acceptance of others to reinforce the fact that everyone matters.

Rev. Andy Finn from St. Mary's Church joined us for another wonderful Christmas assembly and the children learnt the story of the "New Noisy Neighbour"!


Some of our Year One children were lucky to be invited to Rivermere Residential Home to take part in their visit from Jaws and Claws – the animal man! Whilst there enjoyed handling frogs, snakes and giant snails, amongst other mini beasts, talking to the residents about them.


Rev. Anne Bourne of St. Luke’s Church visited the Year One children to talk to them about Christian weddings, celebrations and baptism.  The children made up their own vows, promising to look after each other always and share their sweets with each other!


Eco Club were asked, by the Parish Council, to name the new magnificent addition to the woodland area last week. They thought of names such as “Face Man”, “Fairy Tree”, “Mr Oakley” and “Head Man”.   The name which everyone decided on was Mr. Oakley.

Road Safety Day

Everyone in school learnt about Road Safety to ensure the children are taught how to stay safe when travelling near roads.  PC Nova O'Leary talked to the children about the importance of wearing their high-vis jackets, which they are given when the start school, every day.  This year's theme is 'Tune In' to road safety and avoid distractions when driving.  Visit www.brake.org.uk for further information.