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What do we do?

The PTA raises vital funds for the school.  They have purchased much needed books, funded Arts Week and other workshops such as History Off the Page, which all children at Riverhead have benefitted from. They are currently raising money to assist in the building of a new school hall.


How do they raise funds?

Events for the parents –

Quiz Night, Auction of Promises, Spring Ball…. These are a few of their past events, and they are always open to new suggestions.


Events for the children –

Summer Fair, Michaelmas Market, School Disco, Burgers and Bingo.…. Just some of the events that are great fun for the children and also raise money for the PTA.


How are you involved?

All parents and staff are members of the PTA and can attend all PTA meetings.  The first one of the year will be at the start of the Autumn term, and there will also be an AGM social in October.


Every class has Class Representatives who play an important role in co-ordinating the organisation of PTA events. 


They welcome all ideas and suggestions, and the PTA Committee are in regular contact with the whole school about forthcoming events.


PTA events are organised (and paid for!) on their PTA Events website, which is a one-stop shop for everything to do with the PTA. 


You can helping them by raising money through:-



A simple way to raise money just by shopping online. 


On your computer:

  • Go to www.easyfundraising.org.uk, download the Donation Reminder and select Riverhead Infants’ School PTA as your chosen cause.
  • Each time you shop on an eligible website a reminder will appear.  Click on this and the PTA will receive a donation when you make a purchase.
  • These are some of the retailers affiliated and the percentage of your spend that they donate to them;  


John Lewis   1%

Early Learning Centre  2%

Marks & Spencer  2.5%

Halfords  1.5%

Amazon   1.5%

Toys R Us  3%

Boden   3.5%

Last minute.com  up to 6.5%

Lego   1.5%

Thomas Cook  1.5%

WH Smith  up to 5%

Apple  1%

Ticketmaster  1.5%

Game  1.5%


On your mobile or tablet:

  • Download the app from easyfundraising.org.uk and select Riverhead Infants’ School PTA as your chosen cause. Click through to your chosen retailer from the app and when you make a purchase the PTA will receive a donation. 


Match Funding

If you work for an organisation that has a match funding policy, any money you raise could be matched by your employer. Companies may match the fundraising total for an event, or for the stall that their employee is working on. Usually, the employee will need to supply them with a letter from the PTA detailing the date and nature of the event, together with the total raised.


High street banks, building societies, supermarkets and large corporations are likely to do match funding, but these schemes are not exclusive to the major corporate giants. If you work for an independent company, they may be interested in charitable giving through match funding too.


Please see if your employer has a match funding scheme, or if they are willing to match fund any of the PTA events. If you can’t help right now, but you know the company you work for has a match funding policy, please let them know. This could be a really large source of income for the PTA.


If you are able to help us this way, please email them at pta@riverhead.kent.sch.uk and they can discuss your companies’ requirements.

PTA Data Protection Policy

Please see below the PTA Data Protection Policy.

PTA Constitution

Please see below the PTA Constitution.