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Our School and Its History

Riverhead Infants' School was founded in 1871 by the Lord and Lady Amherst, who lived locally. The School badge incorporates part of the Amherst family crest, the arrows commemorating the coming together of the Amherst brothers after the Battle of Quebec. This badge can be seen on the front of our former main building and on one of the stained glass windows in St Mary's Church, Riverhead.


The original School was an all-age Primary School but in 1966 the 7 to 11 year old children moved to a new Junior School site, Amherst County Junior School (now Amherst Academy), in Witches Lane.


The two Schools continued to enjoy a close link with each other and had the same Governing Body until January 1995. It was then decided, for financial and administrative reasons, that the two schools were too large for one Governing Body to govern effectively and separate Governing Bodies were formed. Today the Headteachers serve on the Governing Body of the linked schools to promote positive relationships and effective collabration.


The School had its first Ofsted Inspection in September 1996.


In May 1998 the School was awarded a "Certificate of Excellence" from the Department for Education and Employment and was recognised as an "exceptionally successful school", and subsequently become a Beacon School with responsibilities to support the development of good practice in other shcools.


In the Summer Term of 1998, the Department for Education and Employment announced that £1.06 million would be available for the rebuilding of Riverhead County Infants' School.



Amherst Academy

Riverhead maintains positive links with Amherst and shares sibling admissions procedures.


Each year we jointly participate in a number of events which enable our children to build links with Amherst early in their school life. Joint creative projects are enjoyed, such as the Easter Bonnet competition, and we all appreciate opportunities to see the amazing productions staged in both schools. Children from Amherst also join us on a weekly basis to help with our lunchtime Board Games Club.


The vast majority of our pupils transfer to Amherst at the end of their Year 2 and for this we provide highly effective transition procedures. The children enjoy a supported visit to the school following visits from their new Teachers and the Headteacher. Time is made for current and receiving Teachers to share information to make the process as happy as possible and to make supported provision if needed. For pupils with AEN, individual transition meetings take place led by our Inclusion Manager.