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Walking Bus and Parking Facilities

We are an Eco School and have the Eco Green Flag, Platinum Travel Plan Award and feel that as most of our families live locally, we strongly urge you to walk to school for environmental and health reasons.   This is indicated clearly in our Home School Agreement and our Travel Plan. 


Parents are not permitted to drive into the School Car Park which is accessed by a barrier, at the start or end of the school day without prior permission.  Parking or driving in the vicinity of Riverhead or Amherst Schools is strongly discouraged for environmental and safety reasons. On the rare occasion you may need to drive to school we ask that you park considerately with care and consideration for our neighbours.  


If you have a disability or a disabled child, you are invited to apply for a Parking Permit.  This gives you permission to park in the School Visitors’ Car Park.


Cars using the car park should be in possession of a valid permit for drop off and collection times as it is also used by staff and official visitors to the school.


Walk to School Wednesday

In Term One we started our WOW, Walk to School Wednesday, initiative again. The scheme started sixteen years ago and is run in partnership with KCC and the KM Charity Team. It is a great way to start the day by getting regular exercise and also reduces traffic congestion around the school. For our first week 69% of our children walked to school! 



We are currently unable to provide Walking Buses due to Covid restrictions.  However the scheme usually operates from two convenient points.  One serves the Dunton Green/Bullfinch Lane area and the other one serves Marlborough Crescent/Lyndhurst Drive/Brittains Lane area and uses the Hole in the Wall footpath. 

Walking Bus Update 2018

We now have over 20 children from Riverhead and Amherst signed up to the walking bus on three different routes and are continuing to grow! The walking bus is a great way to share the task of taking children to school in the morning, it helps ease traffic congestion around school, and is great exercise for the children, not to mention fun walking with friends! The walking bus is a co-operative scheme where everyone shares the load, taking it in turns to walk on the bus and lead the children. The idea is that with enough parent/carers helping out we can have the buses running every day but as a parent/carer you would only have to help on the bus once a week, or even once a fortnight. At the moment the buses go from Montreal Park (through the Hole in the Wall) on Tuesdays and Fridays, from Chipstead (Woodfields) on Wednesdays and from Tesco (along Bullfinch Lane) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. All the routes are risk assessed by KCC, and we work with KM Group Charity who provide rewards to the children who take part. We would love to have some more adult helpers and passengers on the buses. To find out more please contact the office.

If you would like to join the Walking Bus, please speak to Mrs Helen Fricker or the School Office and complete the following forms.